Mike Ranck’s Marathon

A long list of runners turned out for the 2019 Harrisburg Marathon, all running in honor of Mike Ranck, who ran all previous 47 iterations of the race: Mike Zimmerman (who completed his first marathon), Laura Yoder (who won her age group and qualified for Boston), Jess Gockley (who completed her first marathon and placed 2nd in her age group and qualified for Boston), Karen Gibbons (who completed her first marathon), Brian Stones (who qualified for Boston), Rhoda Smoker, Conrad Smoker, Jon Durand, Ryan Espulgar, Donny Mengel, Dan Govern, and Brooke Schell.

It was an emotional day for all these runners, who each wore pictures of Mike on their shirts.

Brooke ran with Mike’s jacket, which he wore while finishing last year’s marathon. Fresh in her mind was the memory of Mike’s continually hopeful talk, during his treatment, that he would be able to at least walk the marathon this year.

Mike made his presence known with graffiti on a bridge near the finish.

Mike’s wife Laurie, his daughter Courtney, and his granddaughter Willow were all in attendance to see the finishers. Brooke presented Willow with Mike’s medal.

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