Letter from the President (March 2020)

by Steve Maguire

I don’t want it to be so, but I might have moved into the stage of cranky old man pining for yesterday. You see, my pickup (which is just past 10 years old) is starting to have issues, and the local garage said, “Maybe it’s time.”  When did a new vehicle with limited rust meet this type of fate so quickly? What will become of those 16-year-old kids looking for their time with the family clunker to fill with their own dents, dings and memories? This truck will not go down without a battle.

Speaking of battles, I hope you had the chance to participate in the Pacer Palooza weekend last week. There was Wallyball on Friday and Royals Hockey on Saturday. Both events are great social events organized for our club members, their families, and guests. No different than my attempt to repair the truck, these events were competitive–full of laughter, mumbled curse words, and memorable antics. While the hockey was left to the pros, our Wallyball had a much broader talent pool. (I use that term loosely.) 

I believe we had as many as 4 courts in play with various levels, from toss around fun, to bragging rights, to trash-talking bump-set-rumbles.  

Between pickup games, the Colonial Fitness Center’s stadium setup provided an excellent space to enjoying socializing with food and refreshments. Thanks Brad and Karen Sinnen, and Brandon Bean among others for the great fun. 

If you were looking to relax and see the ice, which we’ve yet to encounter outside this winter, the Saturday Hockey game filled the bill. Not quite the “Broad Street Bullies,” but the Royals supplied the Marvel Superheroes. There was even a Spider-Man Meet-and-Greet. 

These Pacer events have been popular over the years, and the club provides discounts, food, and refreshments to encourage attendance. The work by the volunteers to make these events successful is so very important.

That brings up the latest Pacer Board meeting which was held in January.  We focused on some of the financials and approved increasing the spending on some of the club functions, member swag, and promotions. No different than spending on that old truck I’m still cursing in the driveway, we aim to continue to provide the benefits to the racing community and the active members that volunteer, participate, and encourage our athletes. To continue this club’s traditions and growth, we’re always seeking opportunities for improvement.

The recent news of races such as the Hershey Half and Bethlehem Rock-and-Roll Half being cancelled reminds us of an unfortunate trend which the Pacers have weathered as a club.  The Oley 10 miler and the Grings Mill run for example both pre-date pocket cell phones and GPS watches. Yes, we’ve seen the craze of color runs and theme races come and go, and although tempting, the club’s many races continue to stick with our core value of encouragement and participation in physical fitness and wellness. As a non-profit organization giving back to the community, it is you, the readers of this letter, who make the good stuff happen.

We are encouraged to see many new faces at the organized runs and the membership meetings. Word of mouth seems to be a great tool encouraging friends to join runs or meetings. With our last meeting in January, we were fortunate to add Dee Koutsourais-Ganster to our ‘membership team” and look forward to what will come from her enthusiasm and outreach to our community. We continue to look for members, new or old, to venture out and fill some roles, maybe dipping their toes in the water towards greater participation in the future. 

A great example of this is John Thompson and Lisa Domeshek, who have joined Race Director Polly Corvaia to support the Kris Kringle Race. Our monthly meetings are a great way to find out about other opportunities.

Similar to the arborist work Shaun Luther and Charlie Cromwell have been doing on the Horseshoe Trail in preparation for the aptly named Charlie Horse Half Marathon, we recently had a nice crew of Pacers at the Blue Marsh chainsaw safety training along with members of BAMBA. Between these 2 clubs we probably represent a good portion of the volunteer trail maintenance at the lake and the Corps is very appreciative. 

This appreciation was directly expressed by Brianna Treichler, the Volunteer Coordinator for the Army Corps who stopped by our February meeting to talk about some of the things going on at Blue Marsh and opportunities for the club’s involvement. I will have more follow-up details on that at our next Pacer meeting March 12th. Hope to see you there.

Time to quit typing, got to run……. Steve

Minutes from the General Meeting (February 2020)

General Meeting Minutes

Date: February 13, 2020

Time: 7 p.m.

Location: Blind Hartman’s Tavern

Guest speaker—Brianna Treichler—Park Ranger, Natural Resource Specialist, USACE Blue Marsh Lake, is the partnership and volunteer coordinator for Blue Marsh. She thanked the Pacers for our trail system maintenance. Blue Marsh is doing a major trail improvement project and trying to make the trails more accessible to all levels of ability. They have a partnership with BAMBA and Trail Solutions, a professional trail management company who have made best-management practice recommendations. The initial focus is on the lower trails, from the Day Use area to State Hill. They are trying to make trail improvements, not take things out, unless the section is not repairable. Also, the plan is to create smaller loop systems for shorter access distances, expanding beyond just an out-and-back experience. She would like to get our input for the use of trails.  

The next Get Outdoors Day, Saturday, June 20, 2020. 

Brianna can be contacted for several volunteer programs, not just for trail maintenance. She wants us to record our volunteer hours, as it helps justify the budget and make decisions about where to spend money.

It was suggested to try to better manage the mowing schedule and our race maintenance, as they don’t want to duplicate efforts. 

Treasury Report – Shaun Luther—balance at 140% of target; have some outstanding bills that have to be paid. We still have the balance that is earmarked for a Blue Marsh donation. The club purchased 530 new magnets. Looking at getting some static-cling type stickers with the logo.


  • Charlie Horse Half Marathon—Shaun Luther—May 23, reveal of T-shirt is tomorrow. 
  • Run for the Ages—Donna Hey—June 28, registration is open. Three registered so far. Nolde Pottery create award designs to coordinate with the Nolde turtle style. The course will be the same as last year.
  • Grings Mill Run—Jane Setley—August 2, registration is open. Race apps should be ready for next meeting. Facebook is active, and they are updating the art work. Looking for something for a more special-type award. The shirts will probably be short sleeves, color not yet determined.
  • Blues Cruise 50K Trail Ultra—Dan Govern—October 4, permit renewed. Registration is on track, similar to last year. Entry fee is raised this year. Dan will continue the pre-event training runs.
  • Oley Valley Country Classic—Barry Goodheart—2020 date TBD. The directors don’t have a final figure yet on the total amount collected from the 2019 event, due to check missing from sponsor. But the race had a profit, and they still have to give the donation to OVYL. Motion presented and seconded to give OVYL a $3500 donation, and was approved by the membership. The directors are considering changing the course and may be a tougher course. Anyone who wants to run the course should contact Lenny burton. The change has been presented to the town supervisors. 
  • Kris Kringle 5-Miler—John Thompson and Lisa Domeshek have stepped up for shadowing to be the race directors.
  • Shiver by the River 5K and 10K—Sue Jackson—Last in this series is March 8. Sue needs assistance with the trailer, for someone to help organize before the race, and deliver it to race. She really needs help with door prizes. Also, if a race entrant ran three or more races, then the banquet is free.

Committee Reports

Social Committee:

  • “Pacer palooza weekend:” Friday night Feb 21, from 6 until 9, is Wally Ball at Colonial Fitness, all four courts reserved; Saturday night, is Reading Royals night, Marvel comics costume night, member and guest are the same price. Then, Sunday, Feb 23—Shaun says, “Let’s run Oley,” so the proposed new course will be run.

Communications Committee:

  • Facebook—Jane Setley—put in plug for the Opportunity House Teddy Bear Run on Saturday, Feb 15, from Fleet Feet. Also, Lancaster Road Runners Club will have the first trail run at Blue March on Saturday, March 7, at 8:00 a.m.

Community Service:

  • Weekly runs—Doing old Buzzard run on Saturday, Feb 15—trying the full and the baby course.
  • Trail Maintenance—Four members went to Blue Marsh’s chainsaw training, and the club purchased a set of chaps for use during trail maintenance.

Membership committee: Steve is asking Dee Koutsaurais-Ganster to be on the membership committee, which she has kindly agreed to. The club has had a drop in membership.

Old business

  • Money donated in memory of Jim Kramer—Sean Luther—he has been unable to coordinate the use of the donation with the Lancaster Running Club, so he recommends the donation go to the Horseshoe Trail. Motion created and seconded, and was approved by the membership.

New business

  • Frozen Knight 5K, February 29, put on by the Reading High Cross Country team. Elaine Cook, says please support this race and the Red Knights.

Final Shiver of 2019-2020 Series

Thank you to the 203 5K runners, 115 10K runners and the many volunteers who helped us have another successful Shiver by the River, on February 9th.   

Shiver#4 will be held March 8th.   Take note – this is the beginning of Daylight Savings Time!!!  

As always, we need more volunteers for this race. Specifically, we need 3 or 4 people willing to take results off of the board, so that the race directors can calculate results as soon as possible. We also need the usual help with parking, registration, on the road, at the finish line, cleaning up, at the water stop, and within the house (serving soup, filling the snack baskets, and keeping the bagel table full). Anyone helping with registration should arrive at Jim Dietrich Park between 8:00 & 8:30am; anyone helping during the race should arrive by 9:30am; either way, look for one of the race directors and we can find something for you to do. 

However, as much as we need volunteers, we would really like to see more PACERS run the race!!!! 

The awards ceremony will be held immediately after the 4th race at the Temple Fire Company, 4963 Kutztown Rd, which is about 3 miles from Jim Dietrich Park. This is the same location as the last couple of years. We are looking for more door prizes. If anyone can donate personally, or secure a door prize, please bring it to the 4th race. Donations can be given directly to any of the race directors or dropped off at the front table where we are selling old shirts, etc. To be eligible to win a door prize, simply complete the survey at the awards banquet. A cold buffet, including a hot vegetarian item,  will be served starting around 11:15, followed by door prizes and then the awards. Due to the costs associated with the party, we will follow the guidelines we established a few years ago.   

The party is FREE to everyone who has either:

  1. Finished 3 or more races in this year’s series – please bring your race number from the 4th race to the party; it will be your ticket for free entry. We will place an additional label on the back of your number which will indicate your eligibility.  
  2. Assisted with any of the races.
  3. Paid for the series.  

We will be charging all others (including Pacers who do not fall into one of the above categories) a $10.00 fee to help cover some of our costs.

Remember, to help us maintain accurate results, DO NOT COMPLETE ANOTHER REGISTRATION FORM if you already ran this year. If you paid for the series, registration is in the front room of the house. If you are paying race by race, we have a number for you at the “single race registration” table in the 2nd room. If you have not previously registered for the 2019-2020 series, registration is at a different table, also in the 2nd room.  

Thanks for all the support we have received! We hope to see many of you at the Shiver, either running or volunteering!!!!!

Sue, Kelsey, Georgine & Tiffany

Race Results (February 2020)

Email race results to Race Results Coordinator Karen Rule at raceresults@pagodapacers.com.

February 2020
Chilly Cheeks 11 Trail Run
42/286Dale Weist1:08:291st M60-67
113Jason Glass1:22:29
224Paul Makurath1:46:241st M68+
234Barbara Raifsnider1:49:27
254Lisa Domeshek1:58:45
255Katelyn Willis1:59:28
Shiver by the River 10K Race #3 Feb 9, 20202
7/115Curt Minich39:51
16Mark Yourkavitch41:57
17Scott Thomas42:10
20Raine Fussner42:42
21Jeff Fussner42:52
25Matt Brophy44:29
36Kristen Jacoby47:12
47Elaine Cook49:40
61Tania Salaneck53:16
64Katie Thomas53:43
70Andrea Adam54:29
71Donna Ornosky54:31
73Colleen Fitzpatrick55:04
74Tony Agentowicz55:15
88Kristen Rothenberger59:12
93Lisa Domeshek1:00:37
95Barbara Raifsnider1:00:54
96Kristin Schimp1:02:03
97Jeannie Gochnauer1:02:32
102Ellie Alderfer1:06:13
Shiver by the River 5K Race #3 2/9/2020
52/203Jane Setley25:07
72Janine Beidler27:01
94Blair Hogg28:26
119Larry Drogo29:31
124Yuriko Beaman31:33
126Aaron Kreider31:40
136Lauren Massaro32:29
137John Thompson32:33
148Steven Holgate34:32
181Rose Hagy41:04
191Whitley Cooke44:06
195Jerrold Atwell46:57
200Charlie Crowell Sr51:13
201Joanne Patti52:24
Ugly Mudder 13K
54/184Patrick Boggs1:22:08
63Karla Reppert1:25:04
167Barbara Raifsnider1:56:04

Wednesday Night Runs: February Locations

We run every Wednesday night–year round–at 6:15pm. Come join us. All paces welcome. No membership required.

–FEBRUARY 5: Wyomissing High School, 630 Evans Ave, Wyomissing, PA. Post-run gathering in West Reading (TBD).

–FEBRUARY 12: Giant Supermarket, 2104 Van Reed Rd, West Lawn, PA. Post-run gathering at Ganly’s.

–FEBRUARY 19: Alvernia University, Greenway Terrace and Veronica Parkway, Reading, PA. Post-run gathering at Mimmo’s.

–FEBRUARY 26: Weis Supermarket, 2020 N. 13th Street, Reading, PA. Post-run gathering at Northeast Taproom.

Race Results (January 2020)

Email race results to Race Results Coordinator Karen Rule at raceresults@pagodapacers.com.

National Cross Country Championships
6KRaine Fussner27:23
10KJeff Fussner47:30
Ice Scraper 5K
Raine Fussner22:15
Frostbite10K- Tennessee
Kristin Schimp1:09:53
Katelyn Miller1:10:28
Phunt 50K
23/91Diane Grim5:48:282nd Female
Phunt 25K
320Barbara Raifsnider3:50:05
325Donna Hey3:50:52
331Steven Holgate3:52:00
345Tony Agentowicz3:53:29
Kris Kringle 5 Miler
28Curt Minich33:072nd M50-54
29Dee Koutsourais33:081st Female
36Jon Durand34:252nd M30-34
38Greg Kellenberger34:48
43Don Mengel35:271st M60-64
50Dale Wiest35:562nd M60-64
57Laura Yoder36:221st F50-54
64Beth Kohl36:441st F35-39
76Duane Renninger37:08
92Kristen Jacoby38:131st F60-64
128John Thompson40:39
208Bill Buchanan44:07
221Janine Beidler44:30
234Ann Gery45:21
311Kristen Rothenberger48:42
323Ellie Alderfer49:13
372Julia Hager53:12
386Barbara Raifsnider53:57
407Ellie Vanderbeck55:14
414Karen Sinnen56:06
485Rose Hagy1:02:501st F70-79
Dirty Bird 30K
15Dale Wiest3:09:301st M60+
Dirty Bird 15K
119Tony Agentowicz1:51:03
161Blair Hogg2:00:11
190Barbara Raifsnider2:07:07
202Lisa Domeshek2:15:05
Shiver by the River 10K- January
6Curt Minich41:25
12Mark Yourkavitch43:08
13Raine Fussner43:17
14Scott Thomas43:23
15Jeff Fussner43:44
19Matt Brophy46:06
21Laura Yoder46:32
68Mike Yoder58:38
83John Thompson1:02:28
84Barbara Raifsnider1:02:35
85Steven Holgate1:02:39
Shiver by the River 5K- January
52Kristen Jacoby23:04
103Janine Beidler26:31
114Kristen Rothenberger27:38
149Aaron Kreider29:07
180Larry Drogo31:30
184Jeff Snook32:01
194Ellie Alderfer33:06
197Yuriko Beaman33:42
207Lauren Massaro34:33
222Julia Hager37:00
237Rose Hagy38:49
251Ellie Vanderbeck40:56
274Whitley Cooke47:38
280Helene Horn52:11
281Joanne Patti52:15
287Blair Hogg57:48
288Charlie Crowell, Sr59:00

Shiver by the River: Race #3 Coming Up!

Thank you to the 288 5K runners and 107 10K runners and the many volunteers who helped us have another successful Shiver by the River on Jan 12th.  

Shiver #3 will be held on Feb 9th. We are always hoping to draw more Pacers to this race.  Those that participate have very positive feedback. To those of you who haven’t had the opportunity to join us, we would like to know what (if anything) we can implement or change to entice you to become one of our runners. Please feel free to pass any comments on to the race directors, either in person or email. We are very open to suggestions.  

Looking ahead, our 4th race in the series will be held on March 8th.   The awards banquet will be at the Temple Fire Co, immediately following the race. It is free to all runners who completed 3 or more races and free for volunteers; there is a $10 charge for everyone else.    We are always looking for door-prizes to be given at the awards ceremony.  If you own a business, or know someone who owns a business, or you would like to donate something yourself, we would be very grateful for merchandise, gift certificates, gift baskets, or any small item that a runner would appreciate. Door prizes can be brought to either of the next 2 races. We plan to send thank you notes to all of our donors, so if you donate or secure an item for us, we would appreciate knowing exactly what was donated and contact information for the donor. We also need more volunteers during the March race so we can compile results for the awards. We very much appreciate the Pacers who come out month after month, year after year; however, we have a few hundred members in the club, so if you haven’t volunteered for a race lately, consider helping at Shiver #3 and/or Shiver #4.   

Volunteers for registration should plan to arrive around 8:00-8:15; volunteers for the road should plan to arrive by 9:15-9:30 and look for one of the race directors.  

Please help us by patronizing our sponsors: Shillington Family Chiropractic Center; Fleet Feet – A Running Start; and Kohl Pharmaceutical Research.

Sue, Kelsey, Georgine & Tiffany