Run for the Ages ’21 Recap

by Donna Hey

A HUGE thank you to Nolde Forest for hosting, and to EVERYONE who came out to volunteer and/or participate in the race this year! I do not believe there is any way that I can truly express my gratitude at the way our running community comes together to pull off events like this so smoothly.

Run For the Ages has a rolling start that begins with the 75+ women at 8:30 am and ends 20 groups later at 9:05 with 2 age groups of 20-year-old men. This group is called the ‘ringers’. This year our runners ranged in age from 15 to 82. 

In order to win this race, later-starting participants need to chase down and pass all the earlier-starting competitors. Early starters need to hold onto their lead time. This year’s race had 3 ringers (we need to work on building that group) and 117 finishers. The 3 ringers placed 12th, 14th, and 23rd overall, not quite overtaking all of the competition, but giving it a great shot! Dylan Servis won the coveted “Nolde Pottery Turtle” by placing 12th overall and having the fastest course time of 43:18.

It’s always fun to be at the finish to see who held their lead and who outran the most people. The results never cease to impress. The top ten finishers of this race were:

  1. Bonnie Stoeckl – start time 8:40
  2. Fernando Moura – Start time 8:43
  3. Don Morrison – Start time 8:43
  4. Raine Fussner – Start time 8:48
  5. Gert Freas – Start time 8:44
  6. Jim Blandford – Start time 8:58
  7. Steve Dvorchak – Start time 9:00
  8. Cole Casadei – Start time 9:00
  9. Brian Stoltzfus – Start time 8:55
  10. Karin Tursack – Start time 8:53

The Pacers and Nolde friends would like to again thank Ted Andrus, the founder of Run For the Ages, for his generous donation of 2 Southwest airline round trip passes. This year’s winner was Megan Robinson.

Thanks again to everyone for creating a great race experience and raising funds to support the Friends of Nolde Forest.

Looking forward to next year. Mark your calendars now: Sunday, June 26, 2022.

Run for the Ages ’21 Fast Approaching!

Run for the Ages 10k Trail Chase

June 27, 2021


Nolde Forest

New Holland Rd, Reading, PA

We’ve got runners registered from ages 16 to 82! NO day-of registration, so get your entries in now! Online registration closes Wednesday, June 23.

Come out for the only trail race with an age-graded start (that we know of) on the east coast. Top age group performers have a legitimate shot at the overall title.

Even if you aren’t out to win, the race is run on challenging yet very runnable trails in beautiful Nolde Forest, has great schwag and virtually no bottlenecks. Challenge your families and coworkers to come out and compete on a “level” playing field.

Hey ringers: Here’s a chance to show off a little by passing the whole pack!

What’s an age-graded start? Those who have more than a few gray hairs or have yet to hit puberty will get a head start based on age and gender. Typically the oldest female wave starts first. Then the next wave will start, based on 5 year age groups, working back toward the younger (faster?) folks. Wave starts will bounce back and forth between sexes, as derived from the World Masters Association’s dictates. The actual “head start” for each division is posted at  That means you start with your age group (call them your competition if you like). Your group may or may not start with another group. For example, it’s possible that 60-64 year-old men might start at the same time as 50-54 year-old women. Or maybe not.

First ten official runners through the finish line get a Nolde Pottery award.

Questions? Can’t run but want to volunteer? Contact Race Director Donna Hey at

Registration Now Open for the 2021 Run for the Ages 10k Trail Chase!

Sunday, June 27, 2021 — 8:30am, Nolde State Forest

Same great race, for a great cause. This year has a new director.

Come out for the only trail race with an age-graded start (that we know of) on the east coast. Top age group performers have a legitimate shot at the overall title. Even if you aren’t out to win, the race is run on challenging, yet very runnable trails, in beautiful Nolde Forest with virtually no bottle necks. Challenge your families and coworkers to come out and compete on a “level” playing field.

Hey ringers: Here’s a chance to show off a little by passing the whole pack!

Due to COVID restrictions, the race waitlists at 100 runners. Numbers will be adjusted as current park restrictions are lifted.

If spots available, same day registration starts at 7 am.

To register online:…/run-for-the-ages…/

More info:…/Run-for-the-Ages-10k

Summer Races Canceled

The race directors for our summer races have announced that, sadly, both races must be canceled due to the ongoing public health crisis.

The Run for the Ages 10k Trail Chase (originally scheduled for June 28th) and the Gring’s Mill Run (originally scheduled for August 2nd) will hopefully resurface next summer, once the spread of COVID-19 is under control.

The next Pagoda Pacers race in 2020 currently on our schedule is Blues Cruise (10/4/20). Race directors Dan Govern and Mike Yoder have not made a final decision yet about whether or not this race will take place. The Army Corps of Engineers has NOT ruled out events for the fall at Blue Marsh, but there is a good deal of uncertainty about what specific restrictions will be in place by October. Please stay tuned for more information, and be sure to follow the Blues Cruise Facebook Page for updates.

“Run for the Ages” Not Canceled Yet

Race Director Donna Hey wants everyone to know that a decision is still pending on whether or not we will be able to hold the Deena Andrus Memorial Run for the Ages 10k Trail Chase on Sunday, June 28.

If anyone has any questions, advice, or suggestions, Donna is willing to listen. Feel free to email her:

In the meantime, follow the race’s Facebook page to keep abreast of updates.

If a decision is made to cancel, an email will be sent to all registered runners and club members.

Letter from the President (July 2019)

Up until a few days ago I thought I’d be writing about volunteers, upcoming races, and looking forward to seeing Matt Brophy’s touch on his first Pacer Newsletter as editor.

If you’ve been current with the Pagoda Pacers Discussion Group on Facebook, you are probably aware of what has been a tumultuous July. One of my experiences in my youth was being a pallbearer for an uncle. For me, the scrawny high school kid, he was a large man both in stature, but also in how he carried himself. He looked like Lee Marvin in The Dirty Dozen. He was a factory worker–a machinist. He was also an athlete. However, his time of youthful athleticism was taken by WWII. He never spoke of his wartime experience, which I believe for him and many others was a coping mechanism.   

Grabbing that brass rail was a first for me. Carrying that casket may have been one of the most formative points of my youth. The strain of the weight while I looked down upon the flag draped in front of me left an impression that remains with my soul. I’ve told many a person being a pallbearer is an important life experience. 

Now, as a club, we mourn the loss of James Cramer, and as I thought of touching on this point in the Newsletter, something hit me. You see my experience of carrying that casket was not singular; there were others. I did not bear that weight alone. My heart goes out to Jim’s family and close friends. My utmost respect and admiration go out to the family of trail runners that made multiple trips to the AT looking for a friend. Share the good stories of Jim, and remind everyone we need not bear this weight alone.

The weather has been brutal the last few weeks. Between the rain and heat, it’s a wonder anyone has had enough motivation to change the calendar, let alone run. I think typically August is supposed to be the hot month, so if you’re training for something, find a buddy and a really early start time. Mike Whalen posted some good hints a few weeks back on the Discussion group on “hyper-hydration” and managing water intake during the heat.  Well worth reaching out to Mike if you have questions. 

As I noted in prior months, the Charlie Horse race was very successful, and we were fortunate to present a check for $3,400 to the Special Olympics and meet a few of their athletes at our July meeting.   A similar motion was approved to present to the “Friends of Nolde” our 50/50ish split from the Run for the Ages. Up next is the Grings Mill 5k and 10k

Yep, as you read this we’re soliciting for volunteers and runners for Sunday August 4th at the Berks County Heritage Center. Spend a little time with friends and fellow Pacers at possibly one of Berks’ oldest continuous running races. The work of many lightens the load. See you on Sunday.