Registration for Shiver ’20 – ’21 Is Open!

We have finalized plans for the Shiver – as final as anything can be in 2020!!!!!   Please see the new application, posted on the Pacer website, for details.  We realize not everyone will be happy with our decisions but our focus is on holding a safe race that complies with current restrictions.  Some of this information is the same as last month, some of it is new.

  • No series, only 4 individual races.  Because we don’t know how Covid may change everything over a period of 4 months, it will be easier to have 4 separate events, not tied together.  As before, the races will be held on the 2nd Sunday:  12/13/20, 1/10/21, 2/14/21, 3/14/21.
  • Limit of 200 runners each month, combined total of the 5K and 10K.  
  • On-line preregistration only.  No mail-in or day of registrations. 
  • Awards only for the 1st M/F in the 5K and 10K each month.  Everyone will receive a finisher award each month.
  • We are not doing age group awards because we chose to give everyone something to take home during this crazy race time. Also, giving awards encourages runners to remain at the race longer and also results in more interaction as awards are distributed.  We are trying to make this work for everyone.  Some runners may choose to hang out in the park with their fellow runners but others may wish to run and leave and not worry about waiting for awards.   
  • Covid designed shirt – The shirt must be pre-ordered.
  • On race day, runners will receive a bag containing their bib, safety pins, finisher award, a variety of individually wrapped snacks and a shirt (if pre-ordered).
  • To create further separation, 10K will start 10 minutes after the 5K.  Therefore, runners must register for the distance they want to run each month.  Runners can change the distance from month to month.
  • We ask runners to wear a mask as they approach registration.  Masks are NOT required during the race.  

If you run the Shiver each year or have never run a Shiver please consider joining us this season!! Feel free to contact any of the race directors with questions or comments.


Sue Jackson, Georgine McCool, Tiffany Pantoja

Registration Is Open for the 2020 Kris Kringle!

Kris Kringle registration opens October 1st and ends when 200 runners have signed up.

HOODIE UPDATE: you may order your hoodie online too! Registration with hoodie is $38 (or without hoodie, $20).

Race date is Sunday, December 27 at 10am.

NEW location is the Berks County Fairgrounds (next to Berks Ag Center where the race normally is).

The distance is 5k; semi-flat and fast! You will run cross country and no roads. You can choose to run the course twice for a 10k distance but awards will be for your 5k time.

5 year age group and fabulous finisher awards.

Online registration only at pagodapacers.comno race day entries.

Sponsored by the Pagoda Pacers Athletic Club and benefits the Berks County XC Coaches Assn.

The goal is a simple, fun, safe, in-person race that fits within the state guidelines. No indoor facility. There is a large pavilion that will allow for social distancing during bib pick up, refreshments, and awards.

Be sure to bring a dry bag so you can comfortably hang out after the run and catch up with runners you didn’t see most of the year.

–Polly Corvaia, Race Director

Shiver by the River, 2020-2021

As of now we are planning to hold a MODIFIED Shiver by the River.  As we all know, rules and situations are changing daily, so all we can do is formulate a plan, knowing that it could be changed.  Here’s the current plan:

  • No series, only 4 individual races on the 2nd Sunday of Dec, Jan, Feb, Mar.
  • Cap of 200 runners per month.  
  • Everyone must pre-register since we can’t control the number of runners if we have same-day registration.
  • Apps will not be mailed.  Instead the app will be posted on our website.  Look for facebook and email announcements when the app is available.  We are also going to do an email blast, with the app, to previous Shiver participants.  
  • Awards will be given only to the top M/F in the 5K and 10K each month.  However, everyone will receive a finisher award each month!!
  • Shirts must be pre-ordered; we will not buy extra shirts. 
  • Weather permitting, we hope to hold registration outside on the porch or in the pavilion next to the farmhouse.  If registration is inside, we will ask that only runners and 1 legal guardian, for minors, come into the farmhouse.  If necessary, we will limit the number of runners inside the farmhouse, at a given time.
  • Snacks will all be individually wrapped.  
  • To further create separation, we will have a staggered start for the 5K and 10K
  • We ask everyone to wear a mask when they register.  Volunteers will wear masks and gloves.  

More specific details will be on the application, and in further communications.  


Sue Jackson, Georgine McCool, Tiffany Pantoja


SUNDAY, December 27 – 10am 

At the Berks County Fairgrounds

County Welfare & Hilltop Road, Leesport, PA 19533

The location is THE BERKS COUNTY FAIRGROUNDS (next to Berks Ag Center where the race normally is). The distance is 5k: semi-flat and fast! You will run cross country and no roads. You can choose to run the course twice for a 10K distance, but awards will be for your 5K time. 

The goal this year is a simple, fun, safe, in-person race that fits within the state guidelines. No indoor facility. There is a pavilion large enough for social distancing during bib pick up, hoodie sales, refreshments, and awards. Be sure to bring a dry bag so you can comfortably hang out after the run and catch up with runners you didn’t see most of the year.  

Limited number of runners: 200 (sorry). Online registration only at (not yet active). No race-day entries.

Registration opens October 1st (mark your calendar!) and ends when 200 runners have signed up.

Race fee: $20 all ages. Hoodies sold separately.

For updates and information see and our Facebook page.

Awards: top 2 male and female overall and top 2 per age group: u14, 15-19, 20-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70-79, 80+. Overall winners not eligible for age group awards. No teams this year (sorry). 

Questions: call/text 484-797-3440 or 


–Polly Corvaia

Update on Club Races

Race Directors Dan Govern and Mike Yoder announced on June 19th that the Blues Cruise 50k will not take place this year due to a variety of issues and uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic and construction at Blue Marsh. While this was, of course, sad news to hear, we hope everyone understands that it was unavoidable, and we hope that enthusiasm for the Blues Cruise will be fully revived when the race returns in October 2021.

The Board of Directors met on June 22nd (via Zoom) to discuss the remaining club races for 2020 (Oley Valley Country Classic, Shiver by the River series, Kris Kringle 5-Miler). While we are hopeful that, if Berks County remains in “green,” these races may happen, there is still a tremendous amount of uncertainty about what the future may bring, what modifications would be required to hold a race, and whether or not it will make practical sense to do so. (Even if the infection rate in Berks remains low, holding a race under current guidelines will present significant challenges.)

We expect race directors to make a final decision about each remaining race–in consultation with the Board of Directors–at least two months prior to the scheduled date for each race. Be sure to follow each race’s Facebook page for the latest updates and announcements.

Summer Races Canceled

The race directors for our summer races have announced that, sadly, both races must be canceled due to the ongoing public health crisis.

The Run for the Ages 10k Trail Chase (originally scheduled for June 28th) and the Gring’s Mill Run (originally scheduled for August 2nd) will hopefully resurface next summer, once the spread of COVID-19 is under control.

The next Pagoda Pacers race in 2020 currently on our schedule is Blues Cruise (10/4/20). Race directors Dan Govern and Mike Yoder have not made a final decision yet about whether or not this race will take place. The Army Corps of Engineers has NOT ruled out events for the fall at Blue Marsh, but there is a good deal of uncertainty about what specific restrictions will be in place by October. Please stay tuned for more information, and be sure to follow the Blues Cruise Facebook Page for updates.

Shiver by the River: Race #3 Coming Up!

Thank you to the 288 5K runners and 107 10K runners and the many volunteers who helped us have another successful Shiver by the River on Jan 12th.  

Shiver #3 will be held on Feb 9th. We are always hoping to draw more Pacers to this race.  Those that participate have very positive feedback. To those of you who haven’t had the opportunity to join us, we would like to know what (if anything) we can implement or change to entice you to become one of our runners. Please feel free to pass any comments on to the race directors, either in person or email. We are very open to suggestions.  

Looking ahead, our 4th race in the series will be held on March 8th.   The awards banquet will be at the Temple Fire Co, immediately following the race. It is free to all runners who completed 3 or more races and free for volunteers; there is a $10 charge for everyone else.    We are always looking for door-prizes to be given at the awards ceremony.  If you own a business, or know someone who owns a business, or you would like to donate something yourself, we would be very grateful for merchandise, gift certificates, gift baskets, or any small item that a runner would appreciate. Door prizes can be brought to either of the next 2 races. We plan to send thank you notes to all of our donors, so if you donate or secure an item for us, we would appreciate knowing exactly what was donated and contact information for the donor. We also need more volunteers during the March race so we can compile results for the awards. We very much appreciate the Pacers who come out month after month, year after year; however, we have a few hundred members in the club, so if you haven’t volunteered for a race lately, consider helping at Shiver #3 and/or Shiver #4.   

Volunteers for registration should plan to arrive around 8:00-8:15; volunteers for the road should plan to arrive by 9:15-9:30 and look for one of the race directors.  

Please help us by patronizing our sponsors: Shillington Family Chiropractic Center; Fleet Feet – A Running Start; and Kohl Pharmaceutical Research.

Sue, Kelsey, Georgine & Tiffany

Race Report: Kris Kringle, 2019

by Polly Corvaia

The Kris Kringle 5 Mile Run was the largest running event in Berks County in 2019. We had 621 registered runners and 560 finishers. Way to go!

Overall winners:

  2. JEN ESPOSITO 33:26
  2. JUSTIN OBRIAN 27:51

Southwest Airline Ticket door prize winner was Rachel Ulrich from Governor Mifflin High School. 

Thank you to our sponsors:

Ted, Lori and Mark Andrus- Southwest airline tickets.

Kohl Pharmaceuticals – Door prizes and awards

Fleet Feet – Award gift certificates

Thank you to our wonderful volunteer crew. If you did not receive a hoodie, let Polly know


Please share any feedback (positive or negative) with Polly at