Wednesday Night Runs: September 2020 locations

It’s getting cooler out there — what better way to celebrate the arrival of better running weather than with a good-ole-fashioned Wednesday Night Run?

Reminder: We need everyone to sign in (and sign a waiver) before EACH Wednesday Night Run. This is necessary for our insurance and for contact tracing (if necessary). Make sure you familiarize yourself with the GROUP RUN GUIDELINES AND WAIVER before attending.

–September 2: Nolde Forest–Sawmill Parking Lot: scenic trails that can’t be beat.

–September 9: Blue Marsh–Stilling Basin Upper Lot: runnable trails, rolling hills.

–September 16: Wyomissing Quarry Soccer Fields: trail and road options

–September 23: Trout Run Park, Exeter: run on the Exeter Scenic River Trail and Mount Neversink trails

–September 30: Home Depot, Wyomissing: road run with access to Penn State Berks and Grings Mill trail

Shiver by the River, 2020-2021

As of now we are planning to hold a MODIFIED Shiver by the River.  As we all know, rules and situations are changing daily, so all we can do is formulate a plan, knowing that it could be changed.  Here’s the current plan:

  • No series, only 4 individual races on the 2nd Sunday of Dec, Jan, Feb, Mar.
  • Cap of 200 runners per month.  
  • Everyone must pre-register since we can’t control the number of runners if we have same-day registration.
  • Apps will not be mailed.  Instead the app will be posted on our website.  Look for facebook and email announcements when the app is available.  We are also going to do an email blast, with the app, to previous Shiver participants.  
  • Awards will be given only to the top M/F in the 5K and 10K each month.  However, everyone will receive a finisher award each month!!
  • Shirts must be pre-ordered; we will not buy extra shirts. 
  • Weather permitting, we hope to hold registration outside on the porch or in the pavilion next to the farmhouse.  If registration is inside, we will ask that only runners and 1 legal guardian, for minors, come into the farmhouse.  If necessary, we will limit the number of runners inside the farmhouse, at a given time.
  • Snacks will all be individually wrapped.  
  • To further create separation, we will have a staggered start for the 5K and 10K
  • We ask everyone to wear a mask when they register.  Volunteers will wear masks and gloves.  

More specific details will be on the application, and in further communications.  


Sue Jackson, Georgine McCool, Tiffany Pantoja

Race Review: Rattling Creek Run

by Elaine Cook

Rattling Creek 50/25/12K trail race is a new event put on by Trans-Sylvania Productions, an organization that seems to focus primarily on gravel and mountain bike events.  Originally scheduled in March, it looked like a nice alternative to HAT.  Held at the Haldeman tract in Weiser State Forest near Harrisburg, it’s convenient.  After a second reschedule, the race ended up on August 15, a hot and humid day, but perfectly situated as a tune-up for an also rescheduled World’s End.  Race description lists 2,800′ of climb.

Trans-Sylvania communicated through Facebook and email, and kept us posted on changes and their COVID plan.  When I asked a question about the plan, I got an answer within a day.  Reg was drive-up as we entered the parking lot.  Masking was expected at the starting line and aid stations, but not while running.  Racers started every 10 seconds, beginning with 50K men, then women, and progressing through the distances.  I don’t want to think about getting the results after such a start, but mine were correct. 

Approximately 200 runners came for the event, but only about 40 (8 women) in the 50K.  Immediately the whole field missed a turn.  Apparently a sign was never  placed.  So, we began with 4 bonus miles and some extra vert!  A lot of this race–maybe 1/3–was sunny gravel roads: not my favorite, but quite runnable and scenic.  The trails were gorgeous and either flowing, gentle single-track or extremely rocky.  I hiked a bunch of this and had one good fall.  Markings were only at the turns.  This became scary after the early mistake made me distrustful, and my water supply (2 bottles,10 oz.) proved insufficient.

Aid stations were poor in my opinion.  Not enough time or instruction was given to volunteers at the 5 stops.  One was in the wrong location, volunteers did not know the directions or course, nearly all offerings were sweet (candy and fruit), with no gels.  There was a lot of confusion over directions among the 3 distances at the first 2 aid stations.  Worst by far–AS#2 was nearly out of water when I arrived and would only give me a few ounces.  Many runners were behind me, and I don’t know how long it took to restock.  When we returned to the same AS for the 4th stop, there was plenty of water.  The finish had only Coke.  The planned food was cancelled as part of COVID mitigation.  

The course wrapped up with a really nice view, which we all saw twice due to the early error, and then a long runnable downhill.  They had a great photographer who worked his behind off to get some great shots.  Overall, the race has potential, but the Trans-Sylvania needs to make some changes to convince me to choose it again.  As a tune-up for a target race, the date and location were perfect.  I’m interested to hear from runners (and bikers) who try any of Trans-Sylvania’s other events.

Race Results (August 2020)

Email race results to Race Results Coordinator Karen Rule at

August 2020
Rattling Creek Run (50k)
22 / 36Joanne Van Horn8:341st F 50-59
23Elaine Cook8:352nd F 50-59
Rattling Creek Run (25k)
18/66Joan Bunn3:293rd F overall
Double Trouble 30k
12/66, 3rd M 30-39Cody Harris2:48:02
21, 1st M 60-69Dale Wiest3:16:07


SUNDAY, December 27 – 10am 

At the Berks County Fairgrounds

County Welfare & Hilltop Road, Leesport, PA 19533

The location is THE BERKS COUNTY FAIRGROUNDS (next to Berks Ag Center where the race normally is). The distance is 5k: semi-flat and fast! You will run cross country and no roads. You can choose to run the course twice for a 10K distance, but awards will be for your 5K time. 

The goal this year is a simple, fun, safe, in-person race that fits within the state guidelines. No indoor facility. There is a pavilion large enough for social distancing during bib pick up, hoodie sales, refreshments, and awards. Be sure to bring a dry bag so you can comfortably hang out after the run and catch up with runners you didn’t see most of the year.  

Limited number of runners: 200 (sorry). Online registration only at (not yet active). No race-day entries.

Registration opens October 1st (mark your calendar!) and ends when 200 runners have signed up.

Race fee: $20 all ages. Hoodies sold separately.

For updates and information see and our Facebook page.

Awards: top 2 male and female overall and top 2 per age group: u14, 15-19, 20-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70-79, 80+. Overall winners not eligible for age group awards. No teams this year (sorry). 

Questions: call/text 484-797-3440 or 


–Polly Corvaia

Minutes from the General Meeting (August 2020)

General Meeting Minutes

Date: August 13, 2020

Time: 7 p.m.

Location: Via Zoom

Treasury Report – Shaun Luther—Balances are 121% of target, in good shape. There is no income coming in, and expenses are limited to refund checks, scholarship checks, and the check for $1500 for Special Olympics.


  • Charlie Horse Half Marathon—Shaun Luther—no input (still too early to start planning).
  • Run for the Ages 10K Trail Race—no input
  • Grings Mill 5K and 10K—Laura Yoder—no input (although this year’s race would have been flooded out again due to the storm).
  • Blues Cruise 50K—all refunds were done, according to Shaun. Steve states there may be some sort of ‘fat ass’ on this weekend. There is a lot of maintenance being done on the property, so more to follow on this.
  • Oley Valley Country Classic—Barry Goodhart and Lenny Burton—They are having a difficult time hosting the race, especially with losing the location venue. But canceling this year is a difficult decision as well. The township is not issuing any permits at this time. Steve suggests an event with Strava on a preset course, and others can run the marked course for no charge, no awards or swag, on the same weekend (or over 30 days). Lenny is supportive of the idea, but is not familiar with the details of Strava. It would be a 10-miler and/or the 5K. No trespassing on the OVYL field at this time, so will consider an alternate start/finish location, such as the high school. (Since the meeting, Lenny has posted details on the Pagoda Pacer Facebook discussion page.)
  • Kris Kringle 5-miler—Polly Corvaia—would like to do the race for 200 runners, and change location from 4-H Center to Reading Fairgrounds Pavilion. Either venue is ok with holding this and are flexible with any change of plans. At the fairgrounds, there can be a large area for the start. Polly would possibly like to run the course entirely on the fairgrounds (a cross country course), and do two laps, for about a 4-mile race. (Considering some road to keep runners from lapping other runners.) Registration would be on-line only, and food would be very limited. Masks to be worn as designated by the club. Entry fee would be reduced. To avoid having to place a large hoodie order, a limited number and size of hoodies would be sold separately on the day for approx. $20, on a first come, first served basis. Check for 2019 donations will be going out soon, but the race is unlikely to make a contribution for 2020. 
  • Shiver by the River—Sue Jackson—The directors are thinking hard about trying to do this. Still a go as far as Muhlenberg Township is concerned. All volunteers to wear masks/gloves. Limited access to the farmhouse, no congregating inside, access for registrants would be in one door & out the other. No paper apps or day-of registration. Up to 200 runners and the race could still stay within current guidelines. Possibly staggering the 5K and 10K race start time this year, and have people commit to one race or the other this year—not having the usual flexibility to decide mid-course. No soup or bagels served; any food would be pre-wrapped and on a table for selection and to keep people moving. And maybe use one of the pavilions to spread out. The race app will contain the standard disclaimer for COVID screening. Trying to figure out the awards and trophies. Please share thoughts, if you have them. Already has the awards ordered, and can be saved for the next year in case this year doesn’t work out.
  • Jr. High Cross Country Fall Invitational—Tom Chobot—The season for high school events is still quite fluid. Tom can wait for a while to see what will happen, as planning comes together quickly—lots of cross purposes between the state and the PIAA, so the season is still up in the air.

Committee Reports

Social Committee:

  • Wine and cheese mixer is officially canceled for this year. Thanks to Karin for her efforts, though.
  • A small group gets together on Tuesday nights at Nolde for a run, if anyone is interested.

Community Service:

  • Weekly runs—These have been pretty well attended, despite the weather. Safety precautions have been adhered to, and no incidents to report.

Old business:

  • Venues for in-person meetings. Some areas were discussed with outdoor pavilions or large spaces. Suggestions are welcomed.

New business: None.