Race Results (February 2023)

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Icy 8 hr Trail Race

Lou Donofrio46 miles2nd place overall

4 Chaplins 4 Miler

50:38Rick Showers
51:48Beth Consugar
55:00Bruce Cronrath
56:46Rose Hagy1st Female 70+

Shiver by the River 10k (Race 3 of 4)

35:49Mihai Sanchez1st Overall
41:53Curtis Musser
43:53Matt Brophy
44:14Raine Fussner
45:50Jeff Fussner
46:05Nicholas DiMascio
59:35Tania Salaneck
1:01:21Joanne Beard
1:07:17Ellie Alderfer
1:10:27Scott Scheidt
1:30:56Amy Bird
1:30:59Michael Oetting

Shiver by the River 5k (Race 3 of 4)

20:39Curt Minich
22:59Ray Ingaglio
23:13Carl Kerchner
27:34Tony Agentowicz
27:52Janine Beidler
29:43Andrea Thrush
30:33Larry Drogo
32:56Joann Patti
33:24Yuriko Beaman
36:10Heide Moebius
37:23Diane Gilbert
37:26Julia Hager
37:28Michelle Henry
39:03Rick Showers
39:13Beth Consugar
40:15Colleen Fitzpatrick
41:29Rose Hagy
43:18Bruce Cronrath
43:59Judy Anttonen
50:14Karen Lohin

Green Lane Triple Dam Trail 10k

1:33:50Diane Gilbert

Denver Training Grounds Trail 10k

56:50Jess Gockley1st F Overall

Ugly Mudder 6.55 mi Trail Race

51:38Mihai Sanchez3rd M 30-39
55:42Brian Stoltzfus1st M 60-69
58:27Dale Wiest2nd M 60-69
1:19:53Mark Gillette
1:20:31Fred Foose
1:25:46Shawn Weller
1:34:51Brian Krantz
1:37:23Julia Hager
1:37:44Joanne Patti
1:44:24Paul Makurath3rd M 70+
1:48:52Scott Scheidt
2:23:26Amy Bird
2:24:11Michael Oetting

Frozen Knight 5k

21:28Matt Brophy1st M 40-44
26:37Elaine Cook1st F 55-59
29:09Tania Salaneck3rd F 40-44
31:40Mark Mazurkiewicz
33:08Joanne Patti1st F 65-69
34:07Diane Showers2nd F 65-69
40:53Rick Showers3rd M 65-69
41:03Bruce Cronrath
42:42Rose Hagy2nd F 75+

Race Results (January 2023)

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Kris Kringle 5-Miler

(Results for this race were posted last month, but were incomplete. Hence we’re republishing a revised list, and we hope we got all the Pacers who ran this race this time!)

30:59Jason Karpinski2nd M30-34
31:54Dee Koutsourais1st Female
34:36Karin Tursack1st F45-49
34:37Mark Weaver1st M45-49
35:58Andy Styer2nd M50-54
36:08Dale Wiest1st M60-64
39:11Justin Langston
39:36Curtis Minich
40:08Melissa Lin1st F50-54
44:02Jackie Snyder1st F60-64
44:33Jonathan Durand
47:20Tania Salaneck
47:28Blair Hogg
48:09Steven Holgate
48:50Heather Nowicki
48:59Tony Agentwoicz
49:06Andrea Adam
49:49Janine Beidler
51:49Sandie Kincaid
51:50Jason Tolley
53:44Julia Hager
53:49Aaron Kreider
54:51Joanne Patti
55:12Andrea Thrush
56:42Michelle Foley
57:09Diane Showers
58:55Heide Moebius3rd F 70+
60:26Scott Sheidt
63:03Kitty Wiest
66:16Diane Gilbert
68:14Bruce Cronrath
68:19Beth Consugar
71:36Rick Showers
73:23Rose Hagy
73:33Rebeckah Musser
73:35Curtis Musser
74:28Helene Horn
75:47Michael Oetting

Phunt 50k

5:09:43Karin Tursack3rd F Overall
5:31:00Andy Styer
7:31:39Steven Holgate

Phunt 25k

3:05:02Jackie Snyder2nd F 60+
3:11:31Blair Hogg
3:32:52Jenn Guigley
3:38:28Michelle Foley
3:38:38Denyne Tolley
3:45:10Donna Hey
4:54:17Brian Krantz

Polar Bear 5k Trail (Lancaster)

37:31Joanne Patti

Inaugural Polar Run 5k (Pottstown)

17:54.6Mihai Sanchez1st M Overall
33:37.4Diane Showers3rd F 60-69
38:27.0Diane Gilbert
40:27.1Michael Oetting
41:29.7Rick Showers

Shiver by the River 5k (Race #2 of 4)

21:04Curt Minich
25:01Elaine Cook
26:42Kristen Rothenberger
26:54Janine Beidler
27:18Tory Miksiewicz Clugson
27:39Tony Agentowicz
30:08Andrea Thrush
30:50Larry Drogo
31:36Tania Salaneck
32:33Joanne Patti
32:39Diane Showers
32:44Yuriko Beaman
37:21Diane Gilbert
38:00Julia Hager
38:03Michelle Henry
38:54Rick Showers
40:13Bruce Cronrath
44:24Judy Anttonen
47:07Ellie Alderfer
48:12Karen Lohin

Shiver by the River 10k (Race #2 of 4)

36:15Mihai Sanchez
43:49Raine Fussner
44:27Matthew Brophy
45:27Jeff Fussner
52:07Vicki Menet
1:08:32Andre Marjanowski
1:10:39Scott Scheidt
1:28:43Michael Oetting

Chilly Cheeks 11k Trail Race

1:13:53Emily Trudel2nd F 0-39
1: 36:05Jason Glass
1: 54:48Paul Makurath2nd M 70+
2: 08:38Amy Bird
2: 11:00Scott Scheidt
3: 30:22Michael Oetting

Chocolate Frosted Buns 5k

17:52Mihai Sanchez1st M 20-29
22:00Dale Wiest1st M 60-69
27:09Tony Agentowicz
31:21Larry Drogo
33:30Joanne Patti
39:17Rick Showers
39:43Bruce Cronrath
39:44Diane Gilbert
41:13Mike Whalen
42:08Rose Hagy1st F 70+
44:17Judy Anttonen2nd F 70+

Race Results (December ’22)

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Dirty Bird 15k

1:23:10Dale Wiest1st M 60-69
1:46:52Blair Hogg
1:56:51Lisa Domeshek
1:58:58Sandie Kincaid
2:28:39Paul Makurath2nd M 70 +
2:32:29Amy Bird

Dirty Bird 30k

3:52:19Jason Tolley

5k Reindeer Run (Souderton)

39:53Bruce Cronrath2nd M 70-79

Funky Santa 5k (Pottstown)

32:33Dianne Showers2nd F 60-69
36:06Diane Gilbert
39:28Richard Showers
40:15Bruce Cronrath2nd M 70+
43:11Rose Marie Hagy1st F 70+

Humbug Bustle 5k

18:37Lou Donofrio1st M40-49
24:42Blair Hogg3rd M60-67
30:18Mark Mazurkiewicz
31:18Colleen Fitzpatrick3rd CLYDETTE
33:45Joanne Patti
34:35Scott Scheidt
36:49Paul Makurath2nd M75+
37:07Diane Gilbert
39:11Barbara Raifsnider
40:12Bruce Cronrath
41:28Amy Bird
41:30Michael Oetting
42:48Rose Hagy3rd F68+
61:16Helene Horn

Shiver by the River 5k, Race #1

17:40Mihai Sanchez2nd Overall
24:38Shaun Luther
28:03Jonathan Durand
28:19Tony Agentowicz
29:33Jill Rothenberger
30:57Larry Drogo
32:27Yuriko Beaman
32:29Andrea Thrush
33:10Joann Patti
39:14Scott Sheidt
39:57Bruce Cronrath
40:47Jerrold Atwell
41:23Julia Hager
42:08Diane Gilbert

Shiver by the River 10k, Race #1

44:20Raine Fussner
44:43Matt Brophy
45:29Jeff Fussner
52:21Vicki Menet
57:53Kristin Rothernberger
1:03:29Ellie Alderfer

Kris Kringle 5-Miler

30:59Jason Karpinski2nd M30-34
31:54Dee Koutsourais1st Female
34:36Karin Tursack1st F45-49
34:37Mark Weaver1st M45-49
35:58Andy Styer2nd M50-54
36:08Dale Wiest1st M60-64
40:08Melissa Lin1st F50-54
44:33Jonathan Durand
47:28Blair Hogg
48:50Heather Nowicki
48:59Tony Agentwoicz
51:49Sandie Kincaid
54:51Joanne Patti
55:12Andrea Thrush
56:42Michelle Foley
57:09Diane Showers
60:26Scott Sheidt
63:03Kitty Wiest
68:14Bruce Cronrath
71:36Rick Showers
73:23Rose Hagy
73:33Rebeckah Musser
73:35Curtis Musser
74:28Helene Horn
75:47Michael Oetting

Race Results (November, 2022)

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Philadelphia Marathon

4:02:04Ray Ingaglio
4:03:12Justin Kratz
4:18:16Shane Shin

Marine Corps Marathon

5:39:47Mark Wagner

Oley Valley Country Classic 5k

24:52Katie Frederick1st F Master
26:29Shannon Govern2nd F 0-19
26:31Dan Govern2nd M 50-59
28:14Brandon Beane3rd M 40-49
29:39Tania Salaneck4th F 40-49
33:24Larry Drogo
39:40Bruce Cronrath
48:34Tanara Govern

Oley Valley Country Classic 10 mi

1:12:05Jen Esposito2nd F Overall
1:14:41Matthew Brophy4th M 40-49
1:17:47Andy Styer5th M 50-59
1:19:12Laura Yoder1st F Overall Master
1:23:02Jill Roper2nd F 40-49
1:26:15Emily Trudel
1:30:19Vicki Menet
1:36:01Lisa Domeshek
1:36:02Blair Hogg
1:50:28Donna Hey
2:00:09Andre Marjanowski
2:02:37Scott Scheidt

Conestoga 10 mi

3:35:12Fred Foose

Fitzy’s Halloween 5k

26:50Blair Hogg
30:58Aaron Kreider
31:08Hanne Proudfoot3nd F 60-64
32:56Dianne Showers1st F 65-69
34:14Joanne Patti2nd F 65-69
38:40Diane Gilbert
41:16Richard Showers
41:25Bruce Cronrath
42:34Rose Hagy2nd F 70+
45:08Barbara Raifsnider
51:12Helene Horn

Harrisburg Marathon

3:04:06Lou Donofrio2nd M 40-44

Hyner The View 25k

3:45:33.86Karen Tremblay
3:46:45Jackie Snyder1st F 60-99
4:06:27.79Yvonne Good

Patriot Run 5k by Hope Rescue Mission

33:41Joanne Patti2nd F 60-69
38:21Richard Showers
43:00Helene Horn

Sprains & Strains 5k

38:42Bruce Cronrath1ST M70+
42:30Rose Hagy1ST F70+

5k Turkey Trot Run/Walk by Collegeville Rotary Club

40:28Barbara Raifsnider2ND F60-69

Hobart’s Run by the River 5k

39:15Dianne Gilbert1st F 60-69

Run for Riley 5k & Fun Run

34:52Joanne Patti1st F 60+

Camel Trot 5k

17:49Mihai Sanchez1st M Overall
33:22Diane Showers2nd F 60-69
36:59Rick Showers
39:29Bruce Cronrath2nd M 70+
40:51Rose Hagy2nd F 70 +
43:55Judy Anttonen3rd F 70 +

Give Thanks for Lebanon 5k Race

32:40Dianne Showers1st F 60-69
33:33Joanne Patti2nd F 60-69
38:21Rick Showers3rd M 60-69

Pawsitive Pace 5k

41:46Bruce Cronrath1st M 70 Plus
44:53Rose Hagy1st F 70 Plus

PHLY Face to Face 5mi Turkey trot

37:42Andrew Styer

Flippin Fun 5k Turkey Run

21:26Dale Wiest1st M 60-64
26:29Steven Holgate
41:04Michael Oetting

Plowing Over Pumpkins Whoopie Pie 5k Run/Walk with Virtual

22:04Dale Weist1ST M60-69
25:50Janine Beidler2ND F40-49
32:59Dianne Showers
33:28Joanne Patti
9 38:35Rick Showers

Crappy Year 5k

17:15Mihai SanchezTOP MALE
31:53Dianne Showers2ND F60-67
32:16Joanne Patti3RD F60-67
33:20Scott Sheidt2ND M60-67
33:30Colleen Fitzpatrick3RD F CLYDE
37:07Rick Showers3RD M60-67
37:29Paul Makurath1ST M75+
37:33Amy Bird
38:54Michael Oetting2ND M CLYDE

Race Results (October ’22)

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Boyertown Rotary Fall Frolic 5k

38:08Diane Gilbert3rd F 60-69

Kyle Pagerly 5k

33:25Joanne Patti1st F 60-69
38:40Rick Showers2nd M 60-69
44:43Rose Hagy1st F 70+

Blues Cruise 50k

4:44:14Tod Slabik1st M 50-59
4:51:44Karin Tursack2nd F 40-49
5:01:16Stephanie Kershner1st F 30-39
5:20:46Justin Kershner
5:22:30Mark Weaver
5:26:58Karen Gibbon1st F 50-59
5:50:21Michael Reinhart
6:02:59Donald Mengel1st M 60-69
6:20:53Karen Tremblay
6:41:51Yvonne Good
6:41:53Eric Weaver
7:08:39Fred Foose
7:22:10Trevor Hills
7:23:49Julia Hager
7:30:11Tory Miksiewicz Clugson
7:58:24Kristen Rothenberger
7:58:40Michelle Foley

Delaware Distance Classic 15k

1:00:22Lou Donofrio1st M 40-44

Reading Hospital Road Run 13.1

1:32:24Justin Kratz
1:38:11Jen Esposito1st F 45-49
1:40:05Dale Wiest2nd M 60-64
1:45:16Emily Trudel3rd F 35-39
1:45:40Nicholas DiMascio2nd M 65-59
1:47:33Jennifer Pierdomenico1st F 55-59
1:58:27Jackie Snyder1st F 60-64
1:58:39Blair Hogg
2:01:22Andrea Adam
2:30:50Michelle Foley
2:33:43Craig Richards
2:39:11Andre Marjanowski
2:52:44Robert Stichter
2:57:30Dasheem Cole

Run for Shelter 5k

17:21Mihai Sanchez2nd M Overall
32:41Joanne Patti2nd F 60-69

Jan’s Daisy Dash 5k

32:20Dianne Showers1st F 60-69
38:13Rick Showers
44:14Judy Anttonen1st F 70+

Penn State Berks Benefitting THON 5k

36:48Diane Gilbert1st F 60-69
41:40Bruce Cronrath1st M 70+
42:25Rose Hagy1st F 70+

Oley Stop, Drop & Run 5k

39:58Bruce Cronrath2nd M 70+

NJ Ragner Trail Ultra

Pagoda Pacers Ultra Team 3rd OA in Ultra, 1st Place Mixed Masters Division

Members Curtis Musser, Sandie Kincaid, Lisa DiBerardinis & Steven Holgate

Red Barn Challenge 24 hr

Andrew Styer77 miles7th Place Overall

Call of the Wilds 50k

11:14:48:32Fred FooseProud DFL!

Oregon Dairy Corn Pickin’ 5k

40:52Bruce Cronrath
43:45Rose Hagy2nd F 70+

5k Race, 2k Walk at the Lake at Lehigh County’s Leaser Lake

39:50Scott Scheidt1st M 60-69

Atlantic City Marathon

3:03:06Lou Donofrio3rd M 40-49

Reading Firefighter 5k

30:33Joanne Patti1st F 60-69
31:31Diane Showers2nd F 60-69
37:32Rick Showers
38:05Bruce Cronrath2nd M 70+
40:36Rose Hagy3rd F 70+

Maple Mistress 5k

19:46Brock Kline1st M 40-49
21:10Justin Kershner

Evansburg 7k Trail Challenge

50:24Joanne Patti
56:09Diane Gilbert
76:50Helene Horn

Evansburg 10 mi Trail Challenge

1:07:25Mihai Sanchez1st M 0-29

Oil Creek 100 Miler

29:19:05Steve Vida

Oil Creek 100k

11:27:05Rhoda Smoker1st Female

Oil Creek 50k

11:05:14Michelle Henry

Race Results (September 2022)

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Gring’s Mill 10k

Jen Esposito44:391st F Overall

Labor Pain 12 Hr Trail Run

Lou Donofrio11:48:56, 62.1 miles1st Overall
Rhoda Smoker11:33:56, 60 miles1st Female
Karin Tursack10:20:10, 50 miles2nd Female
Stephanie Kershner10:38:11, 50 miles1st F 30-39
Curtis Musser11:34:03, 45 miles
Steven Vida8:29:48, 40 miles4th M 50-59
Julia Hager10:56:19, 35 miles5th F 50-59
Kristen Rothenberger10:59:18, 35 miles3rd F Clydes
Brock Kline8:19:53, 31 miles
Fred Foose8:49:31, 31 miles3rd M 60-69
Matt Brophy5:42:30, 26.2 miles
Michelle Foley8:16:04, 26.2 miles
Blair Hogg6:03:48, 20 miles
Scott Scheidt6:14:04, 20 miles
Justin Kershner2:46:04, 15 miles
Tania Salaneck4:27:31, 15 miles
Karen Lohin4:32:53, 10 miles
Barbara Raifsnider1:12:48, 5 miles

Hear Our Voices: Team Holly 5k

Aaron Kreider29:35
Joanne Patti33:53

Third Thirsty Thursday September

Brock Kline19:461st M 40-49
Karin Tursack20:531st F 40-49
Michele Gallen23:00
Jackie Snyder25:481st F 60-67
Blair Hogg26:32
Lisa Domeshek28:40
Ellie Alderfer29:183rd F 60-67
Julia Hager29:594th F 50-59
Michelle Foley30:11
Larry Drogo32:00
Dianne Showers32:44
Joanne Patti32:48
Kristen Rothenberger33:243rd F Clyde
Rick Showers35:30
Barbara Raifsnider38:15
Bruce Cronrath39:571st M 75 Plus
Michael Oetting42:18
Rose Hagy42:181st F 75 Plus
Diane Gilbert45:43

Pretzel Twist 5k Run Walk

Mihai Sanchez17:442nd M 20-24
Blair Hogg26:04
Dianne Showers31:56, The Knockouts1st F 65-59
Richard Showers35:57, Slow Pokes4th M 65-69
Bruce Cronrath40:42
Rose Marie Hagy42:171st F 70+

Virgil Crest 50 Miler

Jim Blandford9:131st Overall

Virgil Crest 50k

Jill Roper7:445th F 40-49

RU ABLE Duathlon Sprint Distance

Michelle Foley1:03:411st F Overall

Tully TU Eco 5k

Rick Showers38:451st M 65-69
Bruce Cronrath38:561st M 70 Plus
Rose Hagy41:351st F 70 Plus

Conestoga 10 Miler (One Tough Race!)

Fred Foose3:35:12

Michael Wise Memorial 5k

Joanne Patti32:091st F 60 Plus

Philadelphia Distance Run (half marathon)

Matt Brophy1:39:45
Kent Prizer1:55:151st 70-74

Race Results (August 2022)

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Eastern States 100

34:03:25Brooke Schell
34:13:40Tod Slabik
35:36:32Jason Karpinski

Conquer the Canyon Half Marathon

2:00:35Joan Bunn1st F 50-60
2:16:17Laura Werner2nd F 50-60

BIGS Miles for Mentoring 5k

39:17Bruce Cronrath

Jingle in July 5k

32:28Dianne Showers2nd F 60+
34:08Barbara Raifsnider3rd F 60+
34:33Joanne Patti
37:08Rick Showers
38:27Diane Gilbert

Half Wit Half REDO Quarter Wit (6.55mi)

1:26:11Tom Chobot3rd M 60-67
1:41:53Joanne Patti1st F 60-67
1:51:44Barbara Raifsnider2nd F 60-67
1:56:26Scott Scheidt1st M Clyde
2:07:11Gwyn Chobot

Half Wit Half REDO Half Marathon

2: 20:14Dale Weist1st M 60-67
3: 20:37Fred Foose
3: 40:05Paul Makurath1st M 68+

Grings Mill 5k

30:27Tania Salaneck
31:27Larry Drogo3rd M 70+
33:40Joanne Patti1st F 60-69
37:23Diane Gilbert2nd F 60-69
41:13Bruce Cronrath
44:33Judy Anttonen2nd F 70+

Grings Mill 10k

54:32Ray Ingaglio2nd M 20-29
56:56Jackie Snyder2nd F 60-69
59:31Blair Hogg
1:03:12Fred Foose
1:03:28Julia Hager3rd F 50-59
1:11:05Heide Moebius1st F 70+
1:17:43Scott Scheidt
1:19:31Barbara Raifsnider3rd F 60-69
1:39:29Michael Oetting

Bradley Mayer Memorial Running Man 5k

18:39Mihai Sanchez2ND M20-29
35:14Joanne Patti2ND F60-69
41:24Bruce Cronrath
45:03Judy Anttonen1ST F80+
45:23Rose Hagy2ND F70-79

Run Wild for Animal Conservation 10k

1:17:12Scott Scheidt2nd M 60-69

Miles for Maria 5k

33:28Joanne Patti2ND F60+
38:22Diane Gilbert3RD F60+
40:30Bruce Cronrath2ND M60+

Third Thirsty Thursday August

20:23Karin Tursack1ST F40-49
20:32Steve Koch1ST M60-67
25:52Sandie Kincaid
26:36Blair Hogg3RD M60-67
26:56Steven Holgate4TH M CLYDE
28:02Mark Mazurkiewicz
28:10Bridget Glass3RD F30-39
30:15Julia Hager3RD F50-59
31:30Larry Drogo3RD M68-74
33:13Joanne Patti2ND F60-67
33:15Dianne Showers3RD F60-67
34:02Barbara Raifsnider
37:05Diane Gilbert
38:51Rick Showers
43:53Michael Oetting
43:54Rose Hagy1ST F75+
45:09Judy Anttonen2ND F75+

Triple Trouble Trail 15k

1: 24:19Karin Tursack1st F 40-49
1:23:07Dale Weist4th M 60-69
2:04:27Michelle Henry
2:12:23Jen Guigley
2:24:14Scott Scheidt
2:27:17Paul Makurath

Triple Trouble Trail 30k

2:55:06Karin TursackTOP FEMALE
2:58:13Dale Weist1ST M60-69
5:08:44Michelle Henry

Triple Trouble Trail 50k

5:26:33Karin TursackTOP FEMALE

Run 4 Sam 4 Miler

34:22Duane Renninger3rd M 50-59
37:12Mark Mazurkiewicz
45:48Joanne Patti2nd F 60-69
52:03Diane Gilbert3rd F 60-69
56:54Bruce Cronrath
61:27Rose Hagy1st F 70+

Middle Creek Wild Goose Chase 5k

31:37Dianne Showers3rd F 60-28
33:20Joanne Patti
36:34Barbara Raifsnider
37:39Rick Showers
42:26Rose Hagy2nd F 75+

Race Results (July 2022)

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Hershey Love Inc of Greater Hershey 5k

Dianne Showers32:353rd F 60-69
Joanne Patti33:25

Ephrata Firecracker 5 miler

Dee Koutsourais31:281st Female Overall
Jess Gockley48:27
Heidi Moebius51:192nd F 70+

Port Carbon Firecracker 5k

Bruce Cronrath40:44

Quadzilla 15k Trail Run

Justin Langston1:28:47

July Third Thirsty Thursday

Samuel Dever18:591ST M19-29
James Blandford19:301ST M50-59
Brock Kline19:341ST M40-49
Karin Tursack21:041ST F40-49
Steven Holgate27:273RD M CLYDE
Andrea Adam27:33
Blair Hogg27:434TH M60-67
Jason Glass28:214TH M CLYDE
Sorita Averill28:411ST F60-67
Mark Mazurkiewicz30:14
Julia Hager32:153RD F50-59
Larry Drogo34:043RD M68-74
Joanne Patti35:132ND F60-67
Barbara Raifsnider36:553RD F60-67
Diane Gilbert40:40
Rick Showers41:58
Dianne Showers43:08
Bruce Cronrath43:263RD M75+
Michael Oetting45:00
Judy Anttonen47:341ST F75+

Lebanon Area Fair 5k

Joanne Patti34:421st F 60-69
Rick Showers39:11
Judy Anttonen45:011st F 80 Plus

Lancaster FMTC Night of Miles

Sam Dever05:11
Heide Moebius09:40

Race Results (June 2022)

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The Big Run 5k

Curtis Musser24:23
Fred Foose27:312nd M 60-69
Tom Chobot28:013rd M 60-69
Sorita Averill28:431st F 60+
Diane Gilbert40:09
Bruce Cronrath40:282nd M 70+
Gwen Chobot43:48
Rose Hagy44:201st F 70+

Dirty Pony 5k

Jackie Snyder36:472nd F 60-69
Katie Frederick37:032nd F 40-49
Michelle Henry47:49
Lisa Domeshek47:51
Diane Gilbert52:433rd F 60-69

Charlie Horse Half

Dale Wiest1:58:51
Andy Styer2:07:37
Aaron Kreider2:44:43
Tania Salaneck2:56:09
Barbara Raifsnider3:29:58

Dream for Life 5k

Bruce Cronrath38:512nd M 70+

Memorial Day Mile

Jim Blandford5:031st M 50-59

Laurel Highlands 70.5 mi

Andy Styer17:52:12

Laurel Highlands 50k

Michael Whalen6:53:37

Laurel Highlands 70-mile Relay

The Rattlesnakes
(Matt Brophy, Steve Vida,
Justin Good, Garry Rarer,
and Marcus Regan)

Jim Doyle Memorial Celtic Course 5k

Rick Showers35:552nd M 70+

World’s End 100k

Jason Karpinski17:31:51
Tod Slabik18:11:23
Michael Reinhart18:40:42
Brooke Schell18:41:13
Andy Styer18:55:28

World’s End 50k

Jess Gockley7:30:032nd F 40-49

Creative Health Mile

Bruce Cronrath11:392nd M 70+
Ruth Hagy13:011st F70+

Dumb Dutchman Half a Half

Don Mengel52:032nd M 60-67
Andrea Adam59:291st F 40-49
Joanne Patti1:13:382nd F 60-67
Paul Makurath1:17:05
Diane Gilbert1:28:42
Bruce Cronrath1:31:35
Rose Hagy1:39:451st F 75+
Helene Horn2:03:02

Dumb Dutchman Half

Karin Tursack1:42:472nd Female
Fred Foose2:08:22
Blair Hogg2:09:50
Brock Kline2:15:21
Barbara Raifsnider2:37:073rd F 60-67
Scott Schell2:45:06
Amy Bird3:15:42
Michael Oetting3:43:092nd M Clyde

Third Thirsty Thursday

Brock Kline19:061st M 40-49
Jim Blandford19:321st M 50-59
Karin Tursack20:511st F 40-49
Tod Slabik21:332nd M 50-59
Don Mengel23:391st M 60-67
Blair Hogg27:493rd M 60-67
Lisa Domeshek28:23
Jason Glass28:413rd M Clyde
Sandie Kincaid28:57
Julia Hager30:41
Barbara Raifsnider32:382nd F 60-67
Joanne Patti32:573rd F 60-67
Larry Drogo33:444th M 68-74
Diane Gilbert36:26
Bruce Cronrath39:43
Michael Oetting44:12
Darlene Benoit44:22
Helene Horn55:12

Coventry Woods Trail Fest 10k

Jackie Snyder1:05:021st F 60-69
Diane Gilbert1:42:492nd F 60-69


Jonathan Foley39:501st M 30-39
Kent Prizer43:521st M 70+

CWTF 3hr

Kelly Ammon3 laps, 2:46:221st F Overall
Barbara Raifsnider1 lap, 1:35:022nd F 60-69
Jim Demsko1 lap, 1:38:36

CWTF 6hr

Karin Tursack5 laps, 5:12:481st Overall
Fred Foose4 laps, 5:46:292nd M 60-69
Ruth Machamer3 laps, 3:25:262nd F 40-49
Melissa Lin3 laps, 4:36:173rd F 50-59
John Andescavage3 laps, 4:36:171st M 70-99

Run for the Ages 10k

Kristen Jacoby1:02:504th Overall
Jackie Snyder1:07:122nd F 60-64
Steve Vida56:142nd M 50-54
Fred Foose1:07:44
Karla Reppert1:07:40
Eric Weaver1:06:50
Joanne Patti1:27:00
Julia Hager1:20:18
Sue Jackson1:31:43
Aaron Kreider1:13:23
Barbara Raifsnider1:36:09
Bruce Cronrath1:42:561ST M75+
Michelle Henry1:26:58
Michelle Foley1:28:35
Diane Gilbert1:42:29

In the Park Ice Cream 5k

Barbara Raifsnider34:333rd F 60-69
Diane Gilbert36:41
Bruce Cronrath43:15

Race Results (May 2022)

Note: Results from the Charlie Horse Half Marathon, Dirty Pony 5k, and other races from Memorial Day weekend will appear in next month’s post.

Want to see your results in the next newsletter?

Email your race results to Amy Bird at raceresults@pagodapacers.com.

May 2022 Results
Cocodona 250
4Rhoda Smoker89:06:50(3 days, 17 hours, 10 minutes)
C&O Canal 100 Miler
8Lou Donofrio20:32:06
Massanutten Mountain Trails 100 Miler
16Rhoda Smoker25:35:161st Female
Dirty German 50 Miler
14Kelly Ammon9:46:264th Female
31Karin Tursack11:09:292nd F 40-49
Keystone Backyard Ultra
12Stephanie Kershner50.04 miles3rd Female
16Curtis Musser41.7 miles
21Justin Kershner33.36 miles
Cheyenne Mountain 25k
24Brandon Beane2:27:58
29Katie Frederick2:33:16
First State Trail Race Wilmington 25k
12Karin Tursack2:45:003rd Female
Laney’s Fashionista 5k
26Jason Glass25:34
98Joanne Patti31:561st F 60+
156Diane Gilbert37:123rd F 60+
Hamburg Spring Chicken 5k
16Raine Fussner23:374th Female
102Bruce Cronrath45:17
RB 5k
10Barb Raifsnider35:052nd F 60-69
11Richard Showers35:202nd M 60-69
12Diane Showers38:493rd F 60-69
Sly Fox Fox Trot 5k
284Lisa Domeshek38:22
Jim Thorpe Area Running Festival 7 Miler
160Bruce Cronrath1:36:412nd M 70+
176Rose Hagy1:50:121st F 70+
Ice Cream 5k
43Barb Raifsnider31:24.6
Chobot Challenge 15k Trail Race
6Jason Karpinski1:09:213rd M 30-39
24Karin Tursack1:27:441st F 40-49
50Fred Foose1:36:411st M 60-67
105Barb Raifsnider2:15:013rd F 60-67
110Scott Scheidt2:30:06
113Amy Bird3:20:38
114Michael Oetting3:23:36
CW Class of ’22 Scouts Senior Shuffle 5k
3John Thompson26:252nd M 30-39
20Joanne Patti33:591st F 60-69
Daniel Boone 5k
9Duane Renninger28:133rd M 50-59
20Colleen Fitzpatrick32:551st F 40-49
25Joanne Patti35:592nd F 60-69
36Diane Gilbert40:473rd F 60-69
41Bruce Cronrath42:112nd M 70+
47Rose Hagy47:271st F 70+
53Michael Oetting50:42
Daniel Boone 10k
13Barb Raifsnider1:26:121st F 60-69
Mind Your Health 5k
50Bruce Cronrath39:593rd M 70+
61Rose Hagy47:481st F 70+
May Third Thirsty Thursday 5k
5Mihai Sanchez18:383rd M 19-29
10Brock Kline19:561st M 40-49
15Karin Tursack21:171st F 40-49
55Jason Glass26:063rd M Clyde
64Steven Holgate26:58
78Lisa Domeshek28:21
98Julia Hager31:324th F 50-59
105Barb Raifsnider32:552nd F 60-67
109Joanne Patti33:303rd F 60-67
113Rick Showers34:34
121Dianne Showers35:50
138Diane Gilbert39:52
140Bruce Cronrath40:26
148Judy Anttonen44:071st F 80+
149Rose Hagy44:322nd F 80+
154Michael Oetting46:46
166Helene Horn57:48