Minutes from the General Meeting (November 2020)

General Meeting Minutes

Date: November 12, 2020

Time: 7 p.m.

Location: Virtual, Zoom meeting

Treasury Report – Shaun Luther report via Steve—117% of target. Shaun will attend the online insurance seminar for the RRCA.


  • Charlie Horse Half Marathon—Charlie—nothing to add on Charlie Horse or the Horse Shoe trail.
  • Run for the Ages 10K Trail Run—no update
  • Grings Mill 5K and 10K—no update
  • Blues Cruise 50K—Stephan Weiss—still have construction issues at the Blue Marsh pavilion area, will continue to monitor.
  • Oley Valley Country Classic—Lenny Burton—one person has run the course so far. He has run it every year so far. It’s great that this is his 26th year, and he has kept the streak alive.
  • Kris Kringle 5 Miler—Polly Corvaia—The race is sold out, and she has a waiting list of about 10 people. Still planning on having the race—so far, pending any changes in the ability to gather in a group.
  • Shiver by the River 5K and 10K—Sue Jackson—The races are still on, and the December race is not full yet. Definitely need volunteers, email Sue if you can help (email is on the Pacer web site). The trailer will still be needed, and arrangements have been made to bring it.

Committee Reports

Old business

  • The traveling flamingos—have they flown south? Not sure of their current whereabouts.

New business

  • Holiday social events—Matt Brophy will host a New Year’s Eve hike to the Pagoda.
  • Beth Kohl asked, “Do we want to do all the election voting via a doodle poll, or similar platform?”
  • The club will do some kind of virtual event for the December meeting—perhaps even some type of holiday gathering. Stay tuned for updates.

Election voting results announced:

Election results: Had 62 votes cast electronically 

  • Steve McGuire—president

Board members elected for 2 years:

  • Brandon Beane
  • Jon Duran
  • Matt Brophy
  • Tom Chobot
  • Sue Jackson

The View 25k (11/08/2020)

by Jason Karpinski

The author and Penelope-the-Pup; photo by Michelle Henry

Over 300 runners gathered at the start line with “The View” looming overhead. Race Director Craig Fleming briefly addressed the participants and quickly gave up the mic because “he worked too hard not to run the race.” The gun goes off and the shuffle of feet begins. This was my first time at the heralded Hyner Challenge course in North Bend, PA. The misfortune of the Hyner cancellation earlier in the year became my fortune to enter this “once-and-done” race. A course which featured many of the staples in this area, including: Humble Hill, Cliffhanger, Post Draft, and the seemingly vertical SOB Hill.

As the first couple miles unraveled, I somehow ended up immediately ahead of previously mentioned RD, Craig Fleming. This unique experience gave me an inside look into the preparation taken to make the course race-ready. Such preparation involved cutting downed trees, re-routing the usual course to add a mile and more elevation (because the regular course simply would not cut it), and even leaf-blowing several miles. While learning of the work put into the course, I had my first Humble Hill experience, which will certainly not be forgotten. Shouts of joy could be heard from a select few runners picking their way up and up and up. Approximately 1900 feet of elevation gain and we reached the first aid station around mile 3.5. Crews at this aid station and the 2 others were quick to help the runners and offer words of encouragement.

The miles continued, as did the hills. Around mile 8 we hit a section of the course which was believe it or not, downhill. However, this downhill was unlike any I have ever run–approximately 3/4 of a mile steady downhill marred with large, grapefruit-sized rocks (an absolute ankle destroyer). Moisture on the course was nearly non-existent, which in my opinion made for a great race day, but it was almost too clean. That is, until we reached mile 10 and were faced with SOB Hill–a hill which is wrought with loose dirt and stones, and what seemed like a 70° pitch. Luckily this was the last of the hills, and we were told at the third aid station that the last 4-5 miles were flat or downhill.

The last several miles flew by and before you knew it you were crossing the finish line to a round of applause, cheers, and cow-bells from the on-lookers and those who run just a bit faster than I. Hot food and cold beverages awaited, as did a beautiful mid-day ride back home where the memories of the day were relived with others and stored for later runs. The Hyner course and surrounding area is one that should not be missed and added to trail running fans’ wish lists. I know I will certainly be back in the future.

Keep running, smiling, and being kind to others.

Wednesday Night Runs: December 2020 Locations

How can we get through this dark winter without our Wednesday Night Runs?

To make sure we’re able to do so, it’s very important that we practice appropriate safety protocol. In addition to bringing a headlamp and wearing reflective gear, remember to wear a mask for the pre-run sign-in and to maintain 6 feet of separation from other runners.

Reminder: We need everyone to sign in (and sign a waiver) before EACH Wednesday Night Run. This is necessary for our insurance and for contact tracing (if necessary). Make sure you familiarize yourself with the GROUP RUN GUIDELINES AND WAIVER before attending.

–December 2: Exeter High School (meet by the auditorium at the rear of building): 201 E 37th St, Reading

–December 9: Muhlenberg High School: 400 Sharp Ave, Reading

–December 16: Wyomissing High School: 630 Evans Ave, Wyomissing

–December 23: LA Fitness: 1183 Berkshire Blvd, Wyomissing

–FRIDAY, December 25: HOLIDAY RUN — Nolde Forest, Sawmill Parking Lot, 8:30am

–December 30: Reading High School (Hampden Park): 801 N 13th St — trail adventure on Mt Penn for the brave!