Shiver by the River, 2020-2021

As of now we are planning to hold a MODIFIED Shiver by the River.  As we all know, rules and situations are changing daily, so all we can do is formulate a plan, knowing that it could be changed.  Here’s the current plan:

  • No series, only 4 individual races on the 2nd Sunday of Dec, Jan, Feb, Mar.
  • Cap of 200 runners per month.  
  • Everyone must pre-register since we can’t control the number of runners if we have same-day registration.
  • Apps will not be mailed.  Instead the app will be posted on our website.  Look for facebook and email announcements when the app is available.  We are also going to do an email blast, with the app, to previous Shiver participants.  
  • Awards will be given only to the top M/F in the 5K and 10K each month.  However, everyone will receive a finisher award each month!!
  • Shirts must be pre-ordered; we will not buy extra shirts. 
  • Weather permitting, we hope to hold registration outside on the porch or in the pavilion next to the farmhouse.  If registration is inside, we will ask that only runners and 1 legal guardian, for minors, come into the farmhouse.  If necessary, we will limit the number of runners inside the farmhouse, at a given time.
  • Snacks will all be individually wrapped.  
  • To further create separation, we will have a staggered start for the 5K and 10K
  • We ask everyone to wear a mask when they register.  Volunteers will wear masks and gloves.  

More specific details will be on the application, and in further communications.  


Sue Jackson, Georgine McCool, Tiffany Pantoja

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