Minutes from the General Meeting (February 2020)

General Meeting Minutes

Date: February 13, 2020

Time: 7 p.m.

Location: Blind Hartman’s Tavern

Guest speaker—Brianna Treichler—Park Ranger, Natural Resource Specialist, USACE Blue Marsh Lake, is the partnership and volunteer coordinator for Blue Marsh. She thanked the Pacers for our trail system maintenance. Blue Marsh is doing a major trail improvement project and trying to make the trails more accessible to all levels of ability. They have a partnership with BAMBA and Trail Solutions, a professional trail management company who have made best-management practice recommendations. The initial focus is on the lower trails, from the Day Use area to State Hill. They are trying to make trail improvements, not take things out, unless the section is not repairable. Also, the plan is to create smaller loop systems for shorter access distances, expanding beyond just an out-and-back experience. She would like to get our input for the use of trails.  

The next Get Outdoors Day, Saturday, June 20, 2020. 

Brianna can be contacted for several volunteer programs, not just for trail maintenance. She wants us to record our volunteer hours, as it helps justify the budget and make decisions about where to spend money.

It was suggested to try to better manage the mowing schedule and our race maintenance, as they don’t want to duplicate efforts. 

Treasury Report – Shaun Luther—balance at 140% of target; have some outstanding bills that have to be paid. We still have the balance that is earmarked for a Blue Marsh donation. The club purchased 530 new magnets. Looking at getting some static-cling type stickers with the logo.


  • Charlie Horse Half Marathon—Shaun Luther—May 23, reveal of T-shirt is tomorrow. 
  • Run for the Ages—Donna Hey—June 28, registration is open. Three registered so far. Nolde Pottery create award designs to coordinate with the Nolde turtle style. The course will be the same as last year.
  • Grings Mill Run—Jane Setley—August 2, registration is open. Race apps should be ready for next meeting. Facebook is active, and they are updating the art work. Looking for something for a more special-type award. The shirts will probably be short sleeves, color not yet determined.
  • Blues Cruise 50K Trail Ultra—Dan Govern—October 4, permit renewed. Registration is on track, similar to last year. Entry fee is raised this year. Dan will continue the pre-event training runs.
  • Oley Valley Country Classic—Barry Goodheart—2020 date TBD. The directors don’t have a final figure yet on the total amount collected from the 2019 event, due to check missing from sponsor. But the race had a profit, and they still have to give the donation to OVYL. Motion presented and seconded to give OVYL a $3500 donation, and was approved by the membership. The directors are considering changing the course and may be a tougher course. Anyone who wants to run the course should contact Lenny burton. The change has been presented to the town supervisors. 
  • Kris Kringle 5-Miler—John Thompson and Lisa Domeshek have stepped up for shadowing to be the race directors.
  • Shiver by the River 5K and 10K—Sue Jackson—Last in this series is March 8. Sue needs assistance with the trailer, for someone to help organize before the race, and deliver it to race. She really needs help with door prizes. Also, if a race entrant ran three or more races, then the banquet is free.

Committee Reports

Social Committee:

  • “Pacer palooza weekend:” Friday night Feb 21, from 6 until 9, is Wally Ball at Colonial Fitness, all four courts reserved; Saturday night, is Reading Royals night, Marvel comics costume night, member and guest are the same price. Then, Sunday, Feb 23—Shaun says, “Let’s run Oley,” so the proposed new course will be run.

Communications Committee:

  • Facebook—Jane Setley—put in plug for the Opportunity House Teddy Bear Run on Saturday, Feb 15, from Fleet Feet. Also, Lancaster Road Runners Club will have the first trail run at Blue March on Saturday, March 7, at 8:00 a.m.

Community Service:

  • Weekly runs—Doing old Buzzard run on Saturday, Feb 15—trying the full and the baby course.
  • Trail Maintenance—Four members went to Blue Marsh’s chainsaw training, and the club purchased a set of chaps for use during trail maintenance.

Membership committee: Steve is asking Dee Koutsaurais-Ganster to be on the membership committee, which she has kindly agreed to. The club has had a drop in membership.

Old business

  • Money donated in memory of Jim Kramer—Sean Luther—he has been unable to coordinate the use of the donation with the Lancaster Running Club, so he recommends the donation go to the Horseshoe Trail. Motion created and seconded, and was approved by the membership.

New business

  • Frozen Knight 5K, February 29, put on by the Reading High Cross Country team. Elaine Cook, says please support this race and the Red Knights.

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