Race Results (February 2020)

Email race results to Race Results Coordinator Karen Rule at raceresults@pagodapacers.com.

February 2020
Chilly Cheeks 11 Trail Run
42/286Dale Weist1:08:291st M60-67
113Jason Glass1:22:29
224Paul Makurath1:46:241st M68+
234Barbara Raifsnider1:49:27
254Lisa Domeshek1:58:45
255Katelyn Willis1:59:28
Shiver by the River 10K Race #3 Feb 9, 20202
7/115Curt Minich39:51
16Mark Yourkavitch41:57
17Scott Thomas42:10
20Raine Fussner42:42
21Jeff Fussner42:52
25Matt Brophy44:29
36Kristen Jacoby47:12
47Elaine Cook49:40
61Tania Salaneck53:16
64Katie Thomas53:43
70Andrea Adam54:29
71Donna Ornosky54:31
73Colleen Fitzpatrick55:04
74Tony Agentowicz55:15
88Kristen Rothenberger59:12
93Lisa Domeshek1:00:37
95Barbara Raifsnider1:00:54
96Kristin Schimp1:02:03
97Jeannie Gochnauer1:02:32
102Ellie Alderfer1:06:13
Shiver by the River 5K Race #3 2/9/2020
52/203Jane Setley25:07
72Janine Beidler27:01
94Blair Hogg28:26
119Larry Drogo29:31
124Yuriko Beaman31:33
126Aaron Kreider31:40
136Lauren Massaro32:29
137John Thompson32:33
148Steven Holgate34:32
181Rose Hagy41:04
191Whitley Cooke44:06
195Jerrold Atwell46:57
200Charlie Crowell Sr51:13
201Joanne Patti52:24
Ugly Mudder 13K
54/184Patrick Boggs1:22:08
63Karla Reppert1:25:04
167Barbara Raifsnider1:56:04

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