Shiver by the River: Race #3 Coming Up!

Thank you to the 288 5K runners and 107 10K runners and the many volunteers who helped us have another successful Shiver by the River on Jan 12th.  

Shiver #3 will be held on Feb 9th. We are always hoping to draw more Pacers to this race.  Those that participate have very positive feedback. To those of you who haven’t had the opportunity to join us, we would like to know what (if anything) we can implement or change to entice you to become one of our runners. Please feel free to pass any comments on to the race directors, either in person or email. We are very open to suggestions.  

Looking ahead, our 4th race in the series will be held on March 8th.   The awards banquet will be at the Temple Fire Co, immediately following the race. It is free to all runners who completed 3 or more races and free for volunteers; there is a $10 charge for everyone else.    We are always looking for door-prizes to be given at the awards ceremony.  If you own a business, or know someone who owns a business, or you would like to donate something yourself, we would be very grateful for merchandise, gift certificates, gift baskets, or any small item that a runner would appreciate. Door prizes can be brought to either of the next 2 races. We plan to send thank you notes to all of our donors, so if you donate or secure an item for us, we would appreciate knowing exactly what was donated and contact information for the donor. We also need more volunteers during the March race so we can compile results for the awards. We very much appreciate the Pacers who come out month after month, year after year; however, we have a few hundred members in the club, so if you haven’t volunteered for a race lately, consider helping at Shiver #3 and/or Shiver #4.   

Volunteers for registration should plan to arrive around 8:00-8:15; volunteers for the road should plan to arrive by 9:15-9:30 and look for one of the race directors.  

Please help us by patronizing our sponsors: Shillington Family Chiropractic Center; Fleet Feet – A Running Start; and Kohl Pharmaceutical Research.

Sue, Kelsey, Georgine & Tiffany

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