Let’s Play Tag — with Flamingos

How do you know if you are “IT”?

If you find a pink flamingo in your yard…. you’re IT!!  

I found a flamingo in my yard… Now what?

Devise a running route that goes past another Pacer’s house and place the flamingo in their yard. Take a picture and post it on the Pagoda Pacers Facebook page with #PacerFlamingoTag. Try to keep the flamingo on its travels and pass him along within a few days! The more our lovely bird flies, the more fun this will be.  

Do I have to run to the Pacer’s house from my house?

No! Your route can start anywhere. You can run from your house to the Pacer’s house of your choice, or just drive somewhere close to the person you want to “tag” and do a “run by” tagging. No need to even post your run map. We’ll trust that you ran past the house in order to place the flamingo.  

Have fun!!!  Can’t wait to see the fun Flamingo pictures!!

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