2021 Club Election

It’s time to vote for a NEW club president and for several (4) positions on the Board of Directors.

A link to an official online ballot will be emailed to all current club members on Monday, November 1st.

Please complete the online ballot no later than 6:00 p.m. on Thursday, November 11th.

Results will be announced at the General Membership Meeting that evening.

Please read below for information on this year’s candidates.

Please also thank Steve Maguire for his outstanding service as President during the past three years.

Candidate for President

Michelle Henry

As a proud member of the Pagoda Pacers since 2017, Michelle has been involved in many Pacer happenings from volunteering at races, helping to organize the Christmas party, and most recently becoming co-race director of the Kris Kringle 5 Mile Run. Michelle has quickly grown to love the support, encouragement, accountability, and camaraderie that comes from being a part of the local running community. As president, Michelle aims to breathe new life into the Pacers through furthering community engagement, membership expansion, and building upon the successes of past presidents. Michelle looks forward to the potential challenge of leading the Pacers into the future. 

Candidates for Board of Directors (4 positions available)

Karen Rule

“I’ve been a member of the Pagoda Pacers since 2008.  I love this club for not only helping me in reaching running achievements, but also as an avenue for meeting new people and exploring other activities.  This club is more than running and other athletics.  It’s charity, it’s community, it’s friendship, it’s a support system. I enjoy being a part of a club that has given me so much.  I look forward to helping the Pacers shape their future direction.  For these reasons, I am excited for the opportunity to continue serving on the Board of Directors.” –Karen Rule

Ellie Alderfer

“Thank you for your consideration. I have been a Pacer for 10+ years and the club secretary for over 3 years. I am running for re-election to the executive board. This is a wonderful group of people who continually propel me to do better things in my life, including running my first virtual marathon a few weeks ago. My inspiration to continue in an executive position is to maintain the mission of the club that calls for fun, community, and fellowship. And running. I offer the club several years of experience in management, leadership, and service to others. I am a veteran of the U.S. Air Force, a registered nurse, and nationally certified in leadership and management by the American Hospital Association. I understand how organizations should run to maintain smooth operations, be fiscally responsible, and strategically plan for the future. I have enjoyed my current position as club secretary and an executive board member and want to continue the strong work already completed by our members.” –Ellie Alderfer

Beth Kohl

Beth is a long-time member of the club and one of the founding members of the Board of Directors. As a strong runner, practicing lawyer, and active community member, she has offered indispensable guidance and leadership, from multiple perspectives, during her tenure on the Board. She is looking to serve another two-year term in this leadership capacity.

Lisa Domeshek

“I have been a Pagoda Pacer member for a few years and more recently an assistant race director for the Kris Kringle Run. I am running for a board position so I can continue to give back to the club. I have met many new friends through the club and feel like running with the Pacers has made me a stronger runner and enjoy running even more. I co-own and operate Fabric Mart in Sinking Spring and also have served on the board of the Sinking Spring Library as treasurer for the last eight years. Both of these positions have given me experience and skills that I think could help serve the Pacer board. I would love to see the club continue to grow and appeal to athletes of all abilities.” –Lisa Domeshek

Larry Drogo

“I have been a runner for around 50 years. The last 30 years I have been doing races in the area. My involvement with the pacers has spanned about the last ten years, with stints as the president and a member of the board. I and my wife Missy volunteer at most of the races and events. The reason I am running for the board is to help focus the club on more events for the members. I hope to get your support in my election.” –Larry Drogo

Steve Vida

“Reading resident and member of the Pagoda Pacers since the year Polly was president.  From my first Wednesday Night Run until now, the club’s impact on me continues to grow: the running, the social events, the relationships.  I appreciate the company of active people doing fun and challenging things. I am pursuing a position on the Board of Directors because I want to help keep the good times rolling, both for long-time members and for members of the future.  My priorities are to: promote the general Welfare, form a more perfect Union, insure domestic Tranquility, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity.  I will not be attempting to establish Justice or provide for the common defense, but one board member can’t do it all.” –Steve Vida

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