Letter from Our NEW President (January 2022)

by Michelle Henry

Here it is, my inaugural letter as president. I hate to disappoint you this early on, but I do not have a captivating way of words like Steve Maguire, nor do I have the gift of storytelling like Matt Brophy. What I do have are big shoes to fill. While it’s true, I do have small feet, it is also true that I am determined to fill those shoes to the best of my ability. 

As I sat at my desk not knowing what the heck to write in this thing, I decided to do what will surely be a recurring theme to some extent. I referred to those who paved the way before me for support, by way of tapping into the Pacer newsletter archives. What started out as me reviewing past letters from the presidents quickly spiraled into me going down a rabbit hole of entertaining stories about some stellar runners. I had completely forgotten that we used to have runner profiles in the newsletter! From their running background and accomplishments, to a peek into their personal lives and what motivates them, with fun stories and memories sprinkled in, I couldn’t stop reading. I found each of them even more enjoyable now that I’ve gotten to know everyone better. If you’re new to the club or perhaps just want to get to know more about some of your fellow Pacer members, I highly suggest going back and reading through them. You may find some things that surprise you! We’re certainly not a boring bunch.  

Now down to business…

I’d like to send out a big “thank you” to Steve Maguire for doing such an outstanding job at being the “face” of this club and keeping us in line over the last few years. 

Over the course of my time as president, my goal is to expand upon the groundwork that has been laid before me, while implementing new ideas to keep the club fresh, relevant, and growing. I look forward to the opportunity to contribute and add my own stamp to the future of the club.

I’d like to thank those who are stepping away from their roles as officers and board members so that others can step up and contribute to the club in a leadership capacity. I am excited and confident that we have the right mix of new and veteran leadership to accomplish great things. To learn more about those changes, you’ll have to keep reading.

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