Letter from the President (June 2022)

by Michelle Henry

I’d like to start by saying “Congrats” to Shaun, Libby, and Charlie on a successful race day for the Charlie Horse and Dirty Pony. The weather was perfect, and it looked like everyone had a great time. It was really great to see people checking off some boxes on their passport by volunteering, running a Pacer race, or both! Hopefully that rolls into Run for the Ages!

Passports Completed!

Speaking of the Pacer Passport

I have a minor update  – Since the intent behind “Attend a Wednesday Night Run”  is to promote the group running aspect of our club, I’ve decided that attending a holiday morning Pacer group run will count towards the Wednesday Night Run requirement. Moving forward, the requirement will be to “Attend Pacer WNR/Holiday morning group run”. 

Speaking of the holiday morning run…

What do you guys think about changing up the location of the holiday morning run? (For those who are unaware, we do a group run at 8:30 a.m. every holiday morning from the Nolde Sawmill parking lot.) Just something to think about for a few days. I’d like to hear your “yays”, your “nays”, and your suggestions for possible locations at the monthly membership meeting on June 9th

Speaking of the monthly membership meeting on June 9th….

Berks Trail Works is rescheduled to speak to us prior to the meeting start. Please be there by 6:45 if you’d like to hear more about the organization. 

Also, there has been a request to incorporate a virtual option for our monthly meetings. So, starting this month we will have Zoom set up on a laptop during our meeting so that members who are unable to physically be in attendance for one reason or another can still participate in the meeting. The meeting link and info are shared later on in the meeting section of this newsletter.

Speaking of not physically being in attendance….

To the Chobot and Boggs families – Thank you for all you’ve done to better the local running community. You will be missed, and we wish you all good things in your new journey.

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