Letter from the President (November ’22)

Man, I cannot believe it is time for club elections already! Congrats to each person who felt inspired and empowered this year to nominate themselves to either take on a new leadership role in the club or to seek out re-election in their current role. Good luck to you all! 

Just a quick note to go along with this month’s meeting:

The November meeting is an exciting one as we gather for the announcement of our newly elected! Last November’s meeting was heavily attended, with at least double our normal attendance. If possible, please, please, please RSVP on the Facebook event page created for the meeting or send me a quick email (mhenry.pacers@gmail.com). This will help tremendously with planning for enough food and seating to accommodate everyone – especially those who don’t normally attend these meetings throughout the rest of the year. While we love to see double the normal attendance, food is pre-ordered, and we don’t want to run out or be scrambling last minute to have enough seating. Thanks in advance for your help in capturing a (close to) accurate headcount to send to the venue.

Gotta go read some bios, 


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