2022 Club Election

They might not be able to stop inflation or kick the Russians out of Ukraine, but these are the folks who are ready to step up and lead the club into 2023 (and beyond).

Below is a list of who is running for Club President and the Board of Directors. (The president serves a one-year term, and the board members serve two-year terms.) A link to an online ballot will be sent to all club members on November 1st. The deadline to vote is November 10th at 5:00 p.m. Results will be announced at the monthly meeting that evening.


Michelle Henry

Michelle is coming the end of her first term as president and is seeking re-election. She has been a proud member of the Pagoda Pacers since 2017. In addition to being the club president, she is also co-race director for the Kris Kringle 5 Mile Run, is involved in organizing many Pacer events, and volunteers at most Pacer races. She enjoys her current role and is proud of the way the club has grown and evolved over the past year and hopes to help continue that momentum for the next year.

Board of directors (choose 5)

Cody Harris

Cody is pursuing a position on the board of directors because he feels it is time to give back to the organization that has given so much to him. He has been running for more than 20 years, and he joined the Pacers six years ago. During that time, the club and its members have helped him grow as a runner and a person, and he wants to return the favor. He looks forward to helping increase the club’s visibility in the community, encourage new membership and work on activities and events that add value to existing members. He humbly asks for your support and vote for the board of directors. 

Kelly Ammon

Kelly became a member of the Pagoda Pacers shortly after moving to the Reading area about 5 years ago. She loves running and looks forward to the weekly Wednesday night runs, but what she really loves is that the Pacers are so much more than a running club. She has met so many wonderful and inspiring people through the Pacers, many of whom she is now lucky enough to call friends. If you had told her 15 years ago she’d be training for ultramarathons, she’d have said “no way,” but she found support and encouragement within the club. As a board member, she will continue to build a strong community and welcome new members, just as she was welcomed years ago.

Blair Hogg

Blair has been a Pacer member for 15+ years. He is co-race director for Run for the Ages, and he volunteers at every race he can make. He has been running on and off since high school cross country and track, but he won’t say how long ago that was (because he’s old and vain). 

Brandon Beane

Brandon learned of and started running with the Pacers about 7 or 8 years ago. He has run Shiver by the River and Blues Cruise, participated in group runs, and volunteered at many races/events directing traffic, sweeping courses, making awards, etc. He is also one of our Army Corps of Engineers certified chainsaw operators for Blue Marsh. He thinks that the organization is a great group of people to surround yourself with for a multitude of reasons from learning to run races of varying distances, giving back to the community, and just making great friends. Running for Brandon has become more than just an activity to keep physically fit; in fact, it’s become more of a way for him to stay mentally healthy. He’d like to continue helping to build a strong and healthy running community and club as a returning board member.

Lisa Domeshek

Lisa has enjoyed serving as your Pagoda Pacer Vice President this year. It has been an honor and a pleasure for her to support Michelle and the club as we continuously try to improve for our members. Some of the great things she has seen the Pacers accomplish this year and would like to continue to support are community outreach at local events, new social events, and new charity opportunities. She is running for a position on the board of directors so that she can help represent your interests in decisions affecting the club and continue to give back to an organization that means a lot to her. She co-owns and operates Fabric Mart in Sinking Spring and has served as a long-term board member and treasurer for the Sinking Spring Public Library. Both of these positions have given me valuable experience that I hope to bring to the Pagoda Pacers’ Board of Directors. 

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