No Better Time to Renew

by Jason Karpinski, Pagoda Pacers Membership Coordinator

Another year of Pacer history is nearly in the books, but do not forget to commit to next year! This year brought the club a lot of the classic get-togethers and races, as well as some new faces and spaces. Next year is sure to not disappoint. We look forward to some new twists on time-tested events and of course we are excited about the endless possibilities that a new year and new members bring to the club. Over the next couple weeks there will be several emails and reminders to renew your membership for 2023, including the opportunity to renew at the annual Christmas party being held this Friday, December 2nd. As always, details pertaining to pricing and benefits are listed on the website at the following link:

Please spread the word and perhaps even convince that friend who has been debating membership to make the leap and join a group focused on community, health, and happiness.

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