Run Fleet Feet’s “Teddy Bear Trot” on Saturday, February 11

Join Fleet Feet West Reading for their 5th annual Teddy Bear Trot!

The Teddy Bear Trot is the perfect blend of running and giving back to our community. All participants bring a brand NEW Teddy Bear to the event and we run them to the Opportunity House in Reading for them to use in their Learning Center.  After making our donations, we will continue on route to finish our 4 mile fun run. We will start and finish our run at B2Bistro

The $15.00 charge for this event will be entirely donated to Opportunity House as they continue to serve our homeless community.  Additional monetary donations will be accepted at the event and will be given to Opportunity House to support their endeavors.

Everyone will have a chance to wear-test Karhu shoes, an exclusive Fleet Feet product. Karhu is Finnish for the word, Bear, making their brand a perfect partner for this event!  Fleet Feet will also donate 15% of the sales of any Karhu shoes sold between February 12-19 to the Opportunity House. You will receive a $10.00 coupon for this time frame for a pair of Karhu’s at Fleet Feet West Reading.

Runners will be sent to Opportunity House to make our donations in 3 groups.  Groups will depart at 9:00, 9:10 and 9:15 to donate the teddy bears.  Please take a look at the pace ranges for each group and sign up for the time that best suits your abilities.

9:00am – Walkers and 13+ minute milers

9:10am – 10-12 minute milers

9:15am – 8-10 minute milers

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