Pacer Profile: Raine Fussner

Besides running , what other hobbies do you have?

I play in a band!  I play the flute with other members in the community with the Ringgold New Horizons Band. We perform at various venues: parks, independent living facilities, and a prong concert at the Scottish Rite Cathedral in West Reading. I love the joy that music brings to others.


How and when did you first get into running?

My husband and I adopted two teens to add to our 3 biological kids. Between working and 5 kids, I needed a mental break and to do something for myself. So in my 40s I started to run. Just a couple miles at first, but then I decided to try a race, and I entered a half marathon. I was bitten with the running bug! I shortly after joined the Pagoda Pacers and ran the Shiver by the River series, and I haven’t missed the series since 2007 (except for COVID). 

How has your relationship with running evolved over years?

Many of my fellow Pacers went from road running to trail running to ultras. After completing several marathons and running Boston, I decided to try a triathlon when I turned 50. I love the variety of the sport, and I enjoy biking and swimming now as well. Many of the Pacers I consider my friends. Too many to name, but they are encouraging and always there with a smile whenever I see them!


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