Pacer Profile: Mihai Sanchez

How has your relationship with running evolved over the years? (changes in goals, motivation, preferences, etc.)

Running has taken me to places I would’ve never thought of otherwise. When I first started running in high school, my goal was to learn to enjoy the ride and improve everyday from the beginning stages to the next levels of progression to help my team win. As I progressed, I ran in college where I built on my running abilities and maturity while learning how to compete and win in a team environment. Now that I’m not competing on a team anymore, I’ve learned to continue to pursue my running dreams in various capacities whether it’s individually, running with friends I’ve made in school, or with new running friends I have or will make along the way. I believe the sky is the limit to achieve my goals and maximize my potential in the sport that has given me so much opportunity. Aside from individual accolades, in addition to proper training and nutrition, I strive to keep active, appreciate nature, think bigger, expand my social network, and most importantly, have fun since we all only live one life. I want to make the most of it with running being a huge part of my daily life. 

What do you enjoy most about being a Pagoda Pacer?

Since joining the Pacers in the Fall of 2020, there is a lot I enjoy about our club, especially the community and family environment of the local running community. I get the opportunity to make new friends from different demographics keeping me active physically and socially for life. I believe we are leaders in the running community with goals to promote the sport and demonstrate appreciation for healthy living and recreation. 

What is a bucket list race for you?

I am on the Boston Marathon Mission first and foremost, but along the journey, other bucket list races include the November Philadelphia Marathon, every Pagoda Pacer event, and Pretzel City Sports events. That includes the Blues Cruise 50k, the April Foolish 10 Hour Endurance Run, and the Labor Pains 12 Hour Endurance Run to name a few. 

BONUS QUESTION: Would you like to give a shoutout to another Pagoda Pacer member who has been super influential and inspiring in your life? Who and why?

Every Pacer has been inspiring in the current stage of my life, but Dale Wiest especially, has been the most influential in helping me get out of my comfort zone. Dale has inspired me to pursue trail races I would’ve never attempted or imagined I’d enjoy, since I thought I was going to be strictly a road runner for the rest of my running life. Each time I interact with Dale, we’re always talking about trail racing as he motivates me to pursue local trail races to not only improve my trail racing techniques, but to also learn to be brave and courageous in challenging settings I’m not familiar with. To date, I’ve run four trail races, and I thank Dale for believing in me to pursue something that makes me stronger in this journey both in running and in life. 

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