Grandview Financial Planning Webinars

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Training for a race requires planning – do you have the right gear; have you done the right type of training; and in the case of a long distance or ultra, do you have the right support team? These factors alone and combined can make a difference between a PR and a DNF.

Grandview Financial Partners of Wyomissing would like to invite you to two upcoming webinars to help you get your financial health in order.   

Wednesday May 11th 7:00 PM– College Funding: Paying for college takes more than good grades!  We’ll take you through different college savings tools to discuss pros and cons to make sure your kids (or your grandkids) are on the right financial path. Click Here To Register

Tuesday June 14th, 7:00 PM – Financial Planning for Women: This session is designed specifically to help empower women to understand and take charge of managing their wealth with confidence. Click Here To Register

Financial Check-Up for Pacers and Families

Would you ever enter a race without knowing where the finish line is, or even how to determine your time and position?  Do you set the pace for a 5K, a 10K or an Ultra?   That’s how a lot of us feel about our retirement planning!

You probably have a 401k or some sort of retirement savings, but your life and financial goals may have changed from when you started it years ago.   Add to this the uncertainty of Social Security and the rising cost of medical care, and that retirement finish line may look like a dark and scary place!

For a limited time, members of the Pagoda Pacers and their immediate families can get a “retirement training session” through the Pacer’s newest sponsor, Grandview Financial Partners of Wyomissing .

Reach out to Steve Hofmann at 610-780-0976, or schedule an in-person, phone, or Zoom consultation at .