Minutes from the General Meeting (July 2019)

General Meeting Minutes

Date: July 11, 2019

Time: 7 p.m.

Location: Blind Hartman’s Tavern

Presentation to Special Olympics: The check from the Charlie Horse run proceeds was presented to the Special Olympics representatives. The families, athletes, and their global messenger thanked us for our continued support to their organization and the support of their athletes. 

Treasury Report – Shaun Luther—131% of target. Nothing out of the order to report.


  • Charlie Horse: No report
  • Run for the Ages: Donna Hey—About 170 people ran. Nolde Forest received 50/50-ish split (favored towards Nolde) of the profits of the race, the extra donations, and raffle proceeds. Motion made to make donation to Nolde Forest, seconded, and approved by the membership.
  • Grings Mill: Caroline Hill and Jane Setley–so far 92 registered runners, a little down from previous last year, so they will be increasing the e-mail blasts. Registration closes on 7/31. Setting up on Saturday, 8/3, from 8 to 12. They have tank-style t-shirts this year. 
  • Blues Cruise—Dan Govern—registrations down a bit. He wants to bring people back to the race, so Dan is looking to upgrade the swag. He has chosen to give a finisher’s medal this year, as well as, possibly, a winter beanie hat or Patagonia long sleeve winter running shirt. Dan will incorporate a branding theme of the anchor and nautical wheel. He is changing the food, and suggestions are welcome on what would be a good offering. Trail clean up to be announced.
  • Oley Valley Country Classic: No report
  • Kris Kringle: no report
  • Shiver by the River: Sue Jackson, starting to confirm the dates. Some of the paving in the development has been done, so this should improve the course. Tiffany Pantoja is joining as a race director to assist Sue and Kelsie Jackson. 

Committee Reports

Social Committee:

  • Bike ride in the fall—Caroline Hill—date to be determined.

Communications Committee:

  • Newsletter—Matt Brophy is taking over, and going more towards a news blog style. Thanks to Beth Auman for her efforts over the years with this. The email address for the newsletter is:  Editor@pagodapacers.com
  • Constant Contact emails–Polly Corvaia updated the information and can be used by the group.

Community Service:

  • Weekly runs: 8/28 is now open—contact Phil if interested in hosting or switching with that date.
  • Reading Hospital Race—Beth Auman would like added to the minutes that she is asking the Pacers to support the race as volunteers, as they have in previous years. Ellie Alderfer will coordinate the Pacer volunteers.

Membership committee:

  • Membership suggestion: Jane Setley suggested a trial offering of new memberships at the Grings Mill run. The new memberships, for the regular price of one year, would be good for the rest of 2019 and the entire 2020 year, and also give few raffle tickets. She also recommends a Pagoda Pacer membership table at all of our own races. Motion made to take new membership applications at the race (that day only) that allows new members to get the bonus months, seconded, and approved.
  • It was suggested that an effort be made to wear club shirts/colors at races for representation, as other clubs do.

Old business:

  • T-shirts sales coordinated by Jim Demsko went well, and will be available on 7/17 for those who ordered. This type of offering will likely be available again.
  • Trailer—still looking for trailer in a good price range. Two sellers in mind for the purchase.
  • New signs for race directions: still needs to be purchases. Mike Whalen will look into this.

New business:

  • Mike Whalen mentioned getting a Pagoda Pacer-branded swag bag to be used for all races, with the idea that purchasing in bulk will lower the cost.
  • Board of Directors meeting
    • Phil Lechner has asked for some assistance with the Sunshine Committee.
    • Beth Auman is stepping down as editor of the newletter.
    • Charlie Horse and Run for the Ages need volunteer support in the race director positions.
  • Charlie Crowell is directing a mini-triathlon, $20, at the Twin Valley pool. A very good introductory event to triathlons. He has further details, if you are interested.

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