Race Results: July 2019

Chobot Challenge 15K
10/166Ben Hatt1:11:14
39Don Mengel1:25:29
102Tom Chobot1:48:44
142Barbara Raifsnider2:05:17
145Paul Makurath2:05:59
Double Trouble 15K
36/189Scott Thomas1:37:50
82Katie Thomas1:56:122nd F0-29
113Tom Chobot2:06:32
133Paul Makurath2:16:322nd M68+
156Barbara Raifsnider2:27:07
184Gwyn Chobot2:10:022nd F60-67
Cheesy Chase 5K
3/174Jimmy Blandford18:471st M40-49
16Elaine Cook23:202nd F50-59
46Tom Chobot26:282nd M60-67
65Lauren Massaro28:241st Overall F Clyde
66John Thompson28:25
72Janine Beidler28:511st F Master Clyde
77Barbara Raifsnider29:09
81Lee Zechman29:35
82Doug Zechman29:36
110Blair Hogg31:35
145Yuriko Beaman36:26
156Rose Hagy39:361st F68-74
157Gwyn Chobot40:18
164Helene Horn44:04
Laurel Highlands 70.5 Miler
34/95Andy Styer17:13:33
Finger Lakes 50k
31/140Andy Styer6:35:18

Email race results to Race Results Coordinator Karen Rule at raceresults@pagodapacers.com.

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