Race Results (October 2019)

Email race results to Race Results Coordinator Karen Rule at raceresults@pagodapacers.com.

October 2019
Blues Cruise 50K
13/354Ben Hatt4:38:46
20Kim Drake4:44:08
43Dale Wiest5:04:56
45Jess Gockley5:05:28
46Kyle Gery5:05:36
67Laura Yoder5:18:15
72Donny Mengel5:23:11
88Karen Rule5:34:06
89Matt Brophy5:34:19
90Scott Thomas5:34:54
101Phil Lechner5:45:48
104Michael Reinhart5:49:07
109Stephanie Kershner5:50:00
134Justin Kershner6:02:36
154Ruth Machamer6:10:25
180Katie Frederick6:24:22
270Katie Thomas7:13:50
288Aaron Kreider7:25:56
296Jim Demsko7:35:42
302Michelle Henry7:42:14
304Julia Hager7:43:11
328Barbara Raifsnider8:13:59
Reading Hospital Road Run-Half Marathon
12/258Curt Minich1:28:021st in AG
17Dee Koutsourais1:30:333rd F Overall
20Jon Durand1:30:495th in AG
40Micheal Whalen1:37:171st in AG
56Kate Martin1:42:073rd in AG
57Duane Renninger1:42:10
144Tony Agentowicz2:00:49
194Aaron Kreider2:12:08
203Ellie Alderfer2:14:39
205Jackie Snyder2:15:313rd AG
215Laura Yoder2:18:47
219Lisa Domeshek2:19:55
232Matt Brophy2:27:13
245Jim Demsko2:42:37
Reading Hospital Road Run- 5K
81/389Kristen Rothenberger27:37
199Lauren Massaro32:53
200 John Thompson32:54
Trails 4 Tails Fest 50K
2Laura Yoder5:05:322nd F Overall
Call of the Wilds 50K
16/72Andy Styer6:56:10
39Brandon Beane7:53:23
47Joanne Van Horn8:03:441st F50-59
54Elaine Cook8:12:463rd F50-59
65Jenn Guigley9:10:05
Call of the Wilds 25K
29/124Christine Le3:49:051st F20-29
74April Zimmerman4:46:57
75Dylan Kostzewa4:46:581st M1-19
Steamtown Marathon
46/1,002Alyssa Kennedy2:59:522nd F Overall
243Steve Vida3:36:04
Marine Corps 50k
942Jim Demsko6:25:51
Marine Corps Marathon
14,903Ruth Machamer5:57:11

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