Minutes from the Race Director Meeting (April 2020)

Race Director Meeting Minutes

Date: April 16, 2020

Time: 7 p.m.

Location: held via Zoom

Present: Steve McGuire, Polly Corvaia, Jane Setley, Caroline Hill, Sue Jackson, Lenny Burton, Mike Yoder, Laura Yoder, Dan Govern, Georgine McCool, Jon Durand, Karen Rule, Lisa Domeshek, Shaun Luther, Caroline Hill, John Thompson, Libby, Tiffany, and Ellie Alderfer

Treasury Report – Shaun Luther—we have enough money in the account due to reserving 3 years of baseline funds, so the club is stable for the foreseeable future with the races being on or off.


  • Charlie Horse Half Marathon—Shaun Luther—Charlie Horse and Dirty Pony are canceled this year. Registrations had essentially stopped due to uncertain conditions. There is a small amount of money available for Special Olympics. A small amount of expense has been spent on the non-refundable facility fee, and Shaun is trying to get a refund from the music licensing fee. The horse shoes are ready for painting for the 2021 race.
  • Run for the Ages—June 28, 2020, no input from the race director. Polly is questioning whether the pandemic will affect the airline tickets dates that are good for one year from the race in June 2020. Steve is not sure of the work being done at Nolde—he will reach out to Donna Hey for an update.
  • Grings Mill 5K and 10K, August 2, 2020—Caroline Hill—about 8 entries so far. Permits are paid. Caroline has not been in touch with the park about the date. The shirts will likely not have the year on them. The prizes will be a painting of the Red Bridge on slate. The logo creator and design will be changed. Not too much has been invested in the race, so far. Likely to decrease sponsorship requests for prize giveaways due to the financial status of businesses.
  • Blues Cruise 50K, October 4, 2020—Dan Govern—still in planning phase, has 51 people registered. Has the permit and pavilion reserved. Not really into his planning phase yet which starts in June. Swag will not be on the scale of last year.
  • Oley Valley Country Classic, November __, 2020—Lenny Burton—thinking of not having a race this year … with so much up in the air with the location determination and the conditions, Lenny may reconsider in June. He has not heard back from RMC about using their location. 
  • Kris Kringle 5-miler, December 27, 2020—Polly Corvaia—hold on ordering the hoodies. There is time to make decisions later in the year for the race.
  • Shiver by the River Series, December thru March 2021—Sue Jackson—Has already booked Temple fire company for the 2021 date, due to foresight of all the event cancellations that will need to be rescheduled.
  • Berks County Jr. High Cross Country—no update on this currently.

Other updates:

RRCA emails and guidance: Question—Have people been getting the monthly email from RRCA? Mostly no, we are not. RRCA recommended to cancel runs and races at least for the next 60 days—thru the end of May. Also recommended to avoid a virtual race, as to not have people congregate to popular places.

The club will consider when to get the runs back on, and, separately, when the post-run social dinners or gatherings will resume once the runs have started.

Steve McGuire recommended having “dateless” swag for this year, and move the swag to another year if not used in 2020.

Charity support issues: find out something creative that people are doing to continue charity support, and try to be creative with ideas if races must be canceled in the traditional sense.

Thanks to Mike Whalen for allowing the club to host this meeting via his personal Zoom account.

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