Shiver by the River: Pandemic Update

Like everything else in 2020, the Shiver has been a crazy endeavor. On the Thursday prior to the December Shiver, Governor Wolf imposed more restrictions, including a limit of 50 people at an outdoor gathering. We had no choice but to scramble and cancel the race and then come up with a plan. We emailed all December race participants and offered them options of switching to a different Shiver race, getting a refund, or moving to a new Shiver race on the 2nd Sunday in April. 

Then as numbers in PA continued to rise, with a predicted spike after Christmas, the Race Directors decided they had very little confidence that restrictions will be eliminated on Jan 4th, as was announced. Therefore, the RDs decided to make January a virtual race. Again, we sent an email to all January runners, notifying them of the virtual race and giving them the option of doing a virtual race or moving their registration to either Feb, Mar, or April (or requesting a refund). We also notified all December runners that the January race will be virtual, as that might affect their decision of what to do with their December registration. We offered the virtual runners the opportunity to pick up their swag on the original date and location of the race, hoping that would be convenient.  

If any of you registered for December and haven’t done so already, let us know what you want us to do with your registration. We are not automatically moving it to April or doing any of the other options. If we don’t hear from the January runners, we are assuming they are doing the virtual race. We are hopeful the February and March Shivers will occur as planned.  

Online registration for the new April Shiver will be opening soon. We wanted to give the December and  January runners the first opportunity to register for the April race, but soon it will be available to everyone. We will continue to  use only online registration, because that allows us to control the numbers.  

Thank you to everyone for your continued support of the Shiver, whether as a runner, or volunteer, or both.  We appreciate everyone’s patience as we work through the ever-changing restrictions and regulations!!  Feel free to contact us ( with any questions or comments.

Stay safe everyone!!!!

Sue, Georgine, and Tiffany

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