Shiver by the River: February, 2021

We are planning to have a REAL, LIVE race on Feb 14th!!!!!!  That will be followed by 2 more races on March 14 and April 11!!!! Yes, something new – a Shiver race in April! Thank you to all the runners for their patience and flexibility as race plans were constantly changing.  Registration for all of the Shiver races is online only, via Pretzel City Sports. We continue to limit our races to 200 runners.  

The January race was virtual and many runners chose to run the actual course after picking up their swag at the Jim Dietrich pavilion. Virtual race results are posted on our website.

When we cancelled the December race, we sent an email to all runners, asking them to let us know how to handle their registration (switching to another Shiver race or a refund). In January, another email was sent to all outstanding December runners, notifying them of a deadline of January 31st, after which we will not refund race fees from December.  

Once again, we will be looking towards club members to volunteer. We don’t need as many volunteers prior to race, since there is no race day registration; and we don’t need anyone after the race, as there is no food. However, we do need volunteers to park cars; direct runners at the various intersections; help in the chute; man the water stop in the park; and to furnish water and Gatorade after the race. The water/Gatorade table at the end will have 1 or 2 volunteers, wearing gloves, filling the cups and placing them on the table for the runners to take.  This will prevent dozens of runners, from touching the containers. To help in planning, it is appreciated if you can let us know in advance of your availability by directly contacting Sue, Georgine, or Tiffany, or by emailing However, if you can’t commit until race day, that is fine; just find one of the race directors at the swag pickup area.  For those on the road, we can give you an intersection, so it is your choice if you want to come to the park or go directly to your intersection. Swag pickup opens at 8:30, so we ask that those parking cars or helping with swag pickup arrive around 8:00-8:15. The race starts at 10:00, so we ask those helping during the race to arrive around 9:30, or if going directly to your intersection, please be there by 10:00.  Swag pickup will be at the pavilion, near the farmhouse, weather permitting; otherwise, it will be in the farmhouse.  We ask everyone to wear a mask. Gloves will be provided.

Thank you to everyone for your continued support of the Shiver, whether as a runner, volunteer, or both.  We appreciate everyone’s patience as we work through the ever-changing restrictions and regulations!!  Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments.

Stay safe everyone!!!!

Sue, Georgine, and Tiffany

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