Wednesday Night Runs: August ’21 Locations

Post-run gatherings continue in August as our generous members host!

If you’re able to stick around after the run, please bring your favorite food, beverage, or dessert. If you can, bring an extra lawn chair so that we’ll all be able to kick back and relax!

Here are the locations and hosts for July:

–August 4:  We will run from Wilson West Middle School. Park near the track. Post-run gathering hosted by Dan Nevins (60 North Carolina Ave, Sinking Spring).

–August 11:  We will run from the Brentwood Trailhead for the Thun Trail. Post-run gathering at Mimmo’sBring a new runner out!!!!!​​​

–August 18: We will run from Tania Salaneck’s residence (1211 Earl Rd, Leesport). Post-run gathering to follow at the same location.

–August 25: We will run from Steve and Jane’s residence (515 Brownsville Rd, Sinking Spring). This will be a trail run on the Blue Marsh trails. Post-run gathering to follow at the same location


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