Race Results (July 2021)

Email race results to Race Results Coordinator Karen Rule at raceresults@pagodapacers.com.

Pacer Results July 2021
Third Thirsty Thursday July 5k
1Mihai Sanchez18:13TOP MALE
3Alyssa Dever18:27TOP FEMALE
5Ben Hatt18:372nd M 30-39
7Sam Dever19:002nd M 20-29
12Steve Koch19:471st M60-67
13Brock Kline20:001st M40-49
15Curt Minich20:091st M50-59
16Stephanie Kershner20:531st F30-39
22Brian Stoltzfus21:412ndM50-59
23Dale Wiest21:472nd M60-67
32Justin Kershner23:261st M clyde
52Jason Glass26:534th M Clyde
62Bridget Glass28:38
65Blair Hogg28:45
67Lisa Domeshek28:56
69Steve Holgate29:136th M Clyde
75Katelyn Willis29:57
91Larry Drogo32:31
99Joanne Patti33:41
118Barbara Raifsnider36:234th F50-59
137Rose Hagy41:591st F68-74
140Helene Horn42:42
Catoctin 50k
48Matt Brophy7:30:13
62Steve Vida7:50:33

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