Minutes from the General Meeting (October 2021)

General Meeting Minutes

Date: October 14, 2021

Time: 7 p.m.

Location: Tino’s Restaurant, Wyomissing

Treasury Report – Steve Maguire – Money in, money out, basically the same shape as last month. (Sean could not attend this month . . .)


  • Charlie Horse Half Marathon (completed for 2021)—Steve Maguire—received a nice thank you card from the folks at Special Olympics for the club’s donation.
  • Run for the Ages 10K Trail Run (completed for 2021)—Donna Hey—no race report. Nolde very appreciative of our support of their recent on-site meeting with the commissioner.
  • Grings Mill 5K and 10K (completed for 2021)—no update
  • Blues Cruise 50K (October 3, 2021)—Dan Govern—352 runners were registered, and 256 finished. Tiffany Pantoja sold about $1000 worth of swag. The race went well, and profit was good for this year, considering all the challenges. A 56 year old male was the overall winner. Already about 20 people signed up for the 2022 event (Sunday, Oct 2, 2022). Lenny Burton commented on all the out of state license plates he saw, as testimony to how popular and well-known this event is.
  • Oley Valley Apple Country Classic (October 9, 2021)—Lenny Burton—150 people showed, which was not as good a turnout as hoped. Surveys were overwhelmingly positive, and the venue was very well received. The 5K finisher result was 18 minutes. A male was the 10-mile finisher at 1:03, and a female was the second finisher was at 1:04. Profits were ‘decent.’ Lenny is considering moving the date due to all the other activity that conflicted with this date. The event was #27 year for Barry. 
  • Kris Kringle 5 Miler (Sunday, December 26, 2021)—Polly Corvaia—12/26, 10 a.m., at the Berks County Agricultural Center. There are 60 runners registered so far. She will likely cap the number of registrants at 500. The hoodie color will depend on availability of product (maybe a medium blue color). RUseeN is doing them. More information at next month’s meeting.
  • Shiver by the River 5K and 10K (First event on Sunday, December 12, 2021)—Sue Jackson—hoping to return to a normal year. The event is expected to go back indoors at Jim Dietrich Park, Muhlenberg. Next month Sue will have more information.
  • Jr. High Cross Country Fall Invitational—Tom Chobot—10/23 at Reading Fairgrounds. Starting at about 6:30 a.m. Tuesday, 10/19, is the High School Championship at Kutztown University, 3:30 p.m. volunteer show.

Committee Reports

Social Committee:

  • Christmas party, Friday, December 3, Grill Fire Company, being arranged.
  • Bike ride potentially being arranged
  • The wine and cheese party, arranged by Karin Long, was a big success. Thanks, Karin.

Communications Committee

  • Facebook—excellent interaction and positive feedback on social media about Blues Cruise

Community Service

  • Weekly runs—good turnout at Brentwood
  • Scholarship committee – Beth Kohl will start publicizing. 4 total awards: $750 each—2 Pacer children designated; and 2 general Berks County cross country runners. Suggestions made to increase the amount, considering the current costs of everything associated with higher education.
  • Fall shoreline clean up at Blue Marsh – On Saturday, 11/06, there is a clean-up day scheduled. The bridge was repaired and put back in place by Mike Yoder, Brandon Beane, and Steve Maguire.

Membership committee: The dues for 2022 will be reinstated. (Consider that for the Christmas Party.) The club is considering an option to add a membership sign-up to the on-line race sign ups. 

Old business

  • Reading Hospital Road Run (Sunday, October 17)—Beth Kohl—the race will be the same course (basically) as last time.

New business

  • Election voting will be on-line: 4 board member positions and 1 president role up for election (dates for voting will be the month of November after the newsletter goes out). Nominations taken by Matt Brophy now through the end of October. 
  • Matt Brophy and Steve Vida will attempt the Oil Creek 100-mile Trail Run on October 16, 2021.
  • Chris Kaag says there is club house available at the base of Mt Penn, the old East Ends Athletic Association place. (Club advised this was not a place we wanted to acquire.)

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