‘Twas Time for Kris Kringle

by Polly Corvaia

‘Twas time for the Kris Kringle,
And so it begun.
An in-person race--
Let's see who will run.

Applications were mailed
And planning took place.
We kept moving forward
And hoped we could race.

Registrations came in,
But the numbers were low.
Seemed everyone was waiting
To be sure the race would go.

Back to a 5-Miler,
The regular course was planned.
But the next pandemic might stop us,
And the race would be canned.

But good luck was with us, 
And all came together.
500 runners showed up,
And so did good weather.

Kringle’s comeback was successful!
Our volunteers are THE BEST!
Some details yet to complete, 
Next month we’ll share the rest.

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