Pacer Passport: Still within reach!

Technically it’s not too late to start on one of these, but you must act now because time IS running out! 

Throughout the year we have implemented some improvements to make this a little easier to complete. Changes include:

  • An extended due date to include Kris Kringle, creating an extra opportunity for an additional volunteer and/or race 
  • Implementing a Zoom link for some of our monthly meetings to include those who simply cannot make the meetings in person. 
  • Included our club coordinated holiday morning group runs as well as our recently revived club coordinated weekend group runs.

Upcoming Opportunities to keep in mind:

Race and Volunteer: Blues Cruise, Oley Valley Country Classic, Shiver by the River December, and Kris Kringle

Monthly membership meetings: Only 3 more meetings for this year. September, October, and November. No Zoom link for September but we’ll go back to that for October and November meetings. 

Group Run: There are 17 Wednesdays left in the year, a few holidays and a chance of weekend group runs

Congrats to the following members who have already completed and turned in their passport. Will your name be added to this list next?

Lisa DomeshekKatie GormanSue Jackson
Michelle HenrySteve Vida

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