Weekend Group Run (September 2022)

Our weekend group run for September will be at Blue Marsh Lake on Sunday, September 11. Whether or not you’re training for Blues Cruise, this is a great chance to get in a long (or longer) run with friendly company on hilly-but-runnable trails.

Details (provided by Blues Cruise RD Dan Govern) follow below:

The Pagoda Pacers will be doing a Blues Cruise Training run on Sunday, September 11th at 9AM. Run will start from the Old Church Road parking lot. We will have 2 options…

  1. Run the “Ski Loop” section on the north side of the lake. This is an approximately 7.5 mile loop. The advantage is that you can use the Old Church parking lot as a base/fueling area and do as many loops as you want.
  2. Run the South side of the lake (approximately 22 miles). Mile #13 in this option would be the Stilling Basin. It would be a good place to drop a car, water, and other fuel for the remaining 8 miles back to Church Road.

Some things to remember…

We will have some runners doing both loops to help guide people, BUT…

Please remember that there is a chance that you may be faster or slower than their pace. It’s best to get a good understanding of the course before you come out to run. This course is generally easy to follow, but there are opportunities to get lost. The runners will attempt to stay in a group, but I’ve done enough of these runs to know that it doesn’t always work out that everyone stays together.

I hope you can come out and join us!


And a “Ps.” from Shaun Luther:

The Weekend Group Run Committee is also planning a group run at the Trexler Preserve (Lehigh County) on October 8th, so save the date!

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