Race Results (August 2022)

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Eastern States 100

34:03:25Brooke Schell
34:13:40Tod Slabik
35:36:32Jason Karpinski

Conquer the Canyon Half Marathon

2:00:35Joan Bunn1st F 50-60
2:16:17Laura Werner2nd F 50-60

BIGS Miles for Mentoring 5k

39:17Bruce Cronrath

Jingle in July 5k

32:28Dianne Showers2nd F 60+
34:08Barbara Raifsnider3rd F 60+
34:33Joanne Patti
37:08Rick Showers
38:27Diane Gilbert

Half Wit Half REDO Quarter Wit (6.55mi)

1:26:11Tom Chobot3rd M 60-67
1:41:53Joanne Patti1st F 60-67
1:51:44Barbara Raifsnider2nd F 60-67
1:56:26Scott Scheidt1st M Clyde
2:07:11Gwyn Chobot

Half Wit Half REDO Half Marathon

2: 20:14Dale Weist1st M 60-67
3: 20:37Fred Foose
3: 40:05Paul Makurath1st M 68+

Grings Mill 5k

30:27Tania Salaneck
31:27Larry Drogo3rd M 70+
33:40Joanne Patti1st F 60-69
37:23Diane Gilbert2nd F 60-69
41:13Bruce Cronrath
44:33Judy Anttonen2nd F 70+

Grings Mill 10k

54:32Ray Ingaglio2nd M 20-29
56:56Jackie Snyder2nd F 60-69
59:31Blair Hogg
1:03:12Fred Foose
1:03:28Julia Hager3rd F 50-59
1:11:05Heide Moebius1st F 70+
1:17:43Scott Scheidt
1:19:31Barbara Raifsnider3rd F 60-69
1:39:29Michael Oetting

Bradley Mayer Memorial Running Man 5k

18:39Mihai Sanchez2ND M20-29
35:14Joanne Patti2ND F60-69
41:24Bruce Cronrath
45:03Judy Anttonen1ST F80+
45:23Rose Hagy2ND F70-79

Run Wild for Animal Conservation 10k

1:17:12Scott Scheidt2nd M 60-69

Miles for Maria 5k

33:28Joanne Patti2ND F60+
38:22Diane Gilbert3RD F60+
40:30Bruce Cronrath2ND M60+

Third Thirsty Thursday August

20:23Karin Tursack1ST F40-49
20:32Steve Koch1ST M60-67
25:52Sandie Kincaid
26:36Blair Hogg3RD M60-67
26:56Steven Holgate4TH M CLYDE
28:02Mark Mazurkiewicz
28:10Bridget Glass3RD F30-39
30:15Julia Hager3RD F50-59
31:30Larry Drogo3RD M68-74
33:13Joanne Patti2ND F60-67
33:15Dianne Showers3RD F60-67
34:02Barbara Raifsnider
37:05Diane Gilbert
38:51Rick Showers
43:53Michael Oetting
43:54Rose Hagy1ST F75+
45:09Judy Anttonen2ND F75+

Triple Trouble Trail 15k

1: 24:19Karin Tursack1st F 40-49
1:23:07Dale Weist4th M 60-69
2:04:27Michelle Henry
2:12:23Jen Guigley
2:24:14Scott Scheidt
2:27:17Paul Makurath

Triple Trouble Trail 30k

2:55:06Karin TursackTOP FEMALE
2:58:13Dale Weist1ST M60-69
5:08:44Michelle Henry

Triple Trouble Trail 50k

5:26:33Karin TursackTOP FEMALE

Run 4 Sam 4 Miler

34:22Duane Renninger3rd M 50-59
37:12Mark Mazurkiewicz
45:48Joanne Patti2nd F 60-69
52:03Diane Gilbert3rd F 60-69
56:54Bruce Cronrath
61:27Rose Hagy1st F 70+

Middle Creek Wild Goose Chase 5k

31:37Dianne Showers3rd F 60-28
33:20Joanne Patti
36:34Barbara Raifsnider
37:39Rick Showers
42:26Rose Hagy2nd F 75+

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