Shiver #2 Only Days Away!

The first Shiver of the ’22-’23 series is in the books! Race day lived up to its name –off/on rain with temps in the low to mid 30s. As always, we thank the volunteers and the runners who came out to support us!!! The volunteers and runners are who make this race a success!!! 131 runners completed the 5K, with 64 completing the 10K. Results are posted on both our website and Pretzel City Sports’ website. 1st male and female in the 5K were Daryl Weaver (17:34) and Cassandra Miller (21:01). In the 10K, our 1st male and female finishers were Brandan Shearn (35:52) and Mikaela Smith (42:49).

Now we are ready to move onto race #2 on Sunday, Jan 8th.  We need RUNNERS!!!! We need VOLUNTEERS!!!!! Come out and help us get our numbers back towards pre-Covid.  

If you have never run this race or maybe you haven’t run it for a few years, come out and join us and maybe reconnect with runners you haven’t seen in ages! The race is at Jim Dietrich Park, in Muhlenberg Township. Registration opens at 8:30 a.m.; both races start at 10:00 a.m..  

Please remember to only complete the registration form ONCE during the series. As we have done in the past, we will have 3 separate areas for registration. I know you have all heard this before, but trust me, we will still have runners (including Pacers) who will complete a form for each race. We calculate the series results by bib# so each runner will have the same bib# each month. Obviously if a runner completes more than 1 application, he/she will have more than 1 bib#. 

  1. Pre-Registration is in the front room, for those runners who have paid for the entire series. 
  2. For those runners who are paying for each race, individually, and who ran in December, registration is in the 2nd room, at the table marked  “Post-Registration Single Race Entry.” We have a number with a label with your nameNo need to complete a new registration form.  If you do, there is the potential of being recognized as a different runner when it comes time to calculate the series results. If any information needs to be changed, just let them know when you get your number; no need to complete a registration form with the changed information.
  3. For those runners who have not registered for the 2022-2023 Shiver, registration is in the 2nd room at the table marked “Post-Registration.” When completing the registration form, if you have paid for the series, please circle YES; otherwise, we will expect you to pay again at the remaining races.  

A few other notes.  

  1. On the registration form, we ask for your email address so that you will be included in any future emails we send regarding the remaining races for this series and for future series. We ask for your mailing address so that applications for future races can be mailed to you. It is certainly your choice as to whether you provide us with either or both of these, but it does help with keeping our runners in the loop.
  2. Because of the rental agreement we have for the farmhouse, requiring us to leave the farmhouse by noon, we ask that runners who complete their first loop in over 45 minutes NOT go out for the 2nd loop.  

If you choose not to run the race, please consider volunteering. We need volunteers before the race, for parking and registration; during the race – on the road, at the finish line and in the farmhouse; and after the race – for cleanup. If you can help prior to the race, please plan to arrive between 8:00 – 8:15. If you can help with the race itself, please arrive no later than 9:30. Look for one of the race directors somewhere around the farmhouse. Thank you in advance for your support!

Hope to see you there!!!

Sue Jackson, Georgine McCool, Tiffany Pantoja

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