Pacer Profile: Blair Beard

What are my other interests, hobbies, and passions?


Music – I play clarinet, saxophone, oboe & flute, and I perform in 3 community bands.

(I retired after teaching music for 42 yeas.)


Wood working & gardening


Joanne & I fly hot air balloons. This is Nightstar, one of our two current balloons.

Our chase crew members are the “Star Chasers”.

We participate in festivals up and down the east coast.

I also fly for Lancaster Balloon Rides during the summer months.

How/when did you first start running?

This has happened twice.  I first started running on the track team in jr. high and continued through high school. I ran while in college, but just to stay fit. Then came the first job and running ground to a halt.

Around 2002 my wife, Joanne, decided she was going to start running, and after a year, she started dragging me out. We’ve been running together since then.

What are your most memorable events?

Without a doubt it would have to be the Broad Street Run. The crowd and encouragement stretch all 10 miles.

Thanks for asking,

Blair Beard

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