Registration for Shiver ’20 – ’21 Is Open!

We have finalized plans for the Shiver – as final as anything can be in 2020!!!!!   Please see the new application, posted on the Pacer website, for details.  We realize not everyone will be happy with our decisions but our focus is on holding a safe race that complies with current restrictions.  Some of this information is the same as last month, some of it is new.

  • No series, only 4 individual races.  Because we don’t know how Covid may change everything over a period of 4 months, it will be easier to have 4 separate events, not tied together.  As before, the races will be held on the 2nd Sunday:  12/13/20, 1/10/21, 2/14/21, 3/14/21.
  • Limit of 200 runners each month, combined total of the 5K and 10K.  
  • On-line preregistration only.  No mail-in or day of registrations. 
  • Awards only for the 1st M/F in the 5K and 10K each month.  Everyone will receive a finisher award each month.
  • We are not doing age group awards because we chose to give everyone something to take home during this crazy race time. Also, giving awards encourages runners to remain at the race longer and also results in more interaction as awards are distributed.  We are trying to make this work for everyone.  Some runners may choose to hang out in the park with their fellow runners but others may wish to run and leave and not worry about waiting for awards.   
  • Covid designed shirt – The shirt must be pre-ordered.
  • On race day, runners will receive a bag containing their bib, safety pins, finisher award, a variety of individually wrapped snacks and a shirt (if pre-ordered).
  • To create further separation, 10K will start 10 minutes after the 5K.  Therefore, runners must register for the distance they want to run each month.  Runners can change the distance from month to month.
  • We ask runners to wear a mask as they approach registration.  Masks are NOT required during the race.  

If you run the Shiver each year or have never run a Shiver please consider joining us this season!! Feel free to contact any of the race directors with questions or comments.


Sue Jackson, Georgine McCool, Tiffany Pantoja

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