Race Mates in Birdsboro

On May 2nd, the Race Mates–a Pagoda Pacer / IM ABLE partnership–participated in their second race: the Birdsboro May Day 5k.

For this event, we had the honor of assisting four young men–Christopher Angstadt, Andrew Kutch, Jameson Parisi, and Collin Deckman–experience their first 5k.

Pacers Dale Wiest, Michael Whalen, Kris Jacoby, Matt Brophy, Steve Maguire, Joanne Van Horn, Bill Buchannan, and Liz Glass all volunteered as “chariot guides” to help these young men cover the distance and reach the finish line.

Lots of fun was had by all!

Coming up, we’ll be at the Pacers’ Grings Mill Run on August 1st, and possibly other races this summer.

If you’d like to volunteer with Race Mates, please reach out to Dale Wiest, Michael Whalen, or Kris Jacoby.

Dale: Wiesty58@gmail.com

Kris: sjacoby2@ptd.net

Michael: Michaelwhalen102@gmail.com

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