Run for the Ages ’21 Fast Approaching!

Run for the Ages 10k Trail Chase

June 27, 2021


Nolde Forest

New Holland Rd, Reading, PA

We’ve got runners registered from ages 16 to 82! NO day-of registration, so get your entries in now! Online registration closes Wednesday, June 23.

Come out for the only trail race with an age-graded start (that we know of) on the east coast. Top age group performers have a legitimate shot at the overall title.

Even if you aren’t out to win, the race is run on challenging yet very runnable trails in beautiful Nolde Forest, has great schwag and virtually no bottlenecks. Challenge your families and coworkers to come out and compete on a “level” playing field.

Hey ringers: Here’s a chance to show off a little by passing the whole pack!

What’s an age-graded start? Those who have more than a few gray hairs or have yet to hit puberty will get a head start based on age and gender. Typically the oldest female wave starts first. Then the next wave will start, based on 5 year age groups, working back toward the younger (faster?) folks. Wave starts will bounce back and forth between sexes, as derived from the World Masters Association’s dictates. The actual “head start” for each division is posted at  That means you start with your age group (call them your competition if you like). Your group may or may not start with another group. For example, it’s possible that 60-64 year-old men might start at the same time as 50-54 year-old women. Or maybe not.

First ten official runners through the finish line get a Nolde Pottery award.

Questions? Can’t run but want to volunteer? Contact Race Director Donna Hey at

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