Race Results (February 2022)

Email race results to Race Results Coordinator Amy Bird at raceresults@pagodapacers.com.

February 2022
Phunt 25k
147Steven Holgate3:30:11
Arctic Blast 5k
1Mihai Sanchez18:40Top Male
17Steven Holgate26:373rd M Clyde
25Mark Mazurkiewicz29:37
43Joanne Patti34:292nd F60-67
46Paul Makurath36:092nd M75+
50Scott Scheidt36:58
55Diane Gilbert39:123rd F60-69
60Judy Anttonen45:011St F 75+
61Michael Oetting45:09
67Helene Horn65:17
The Frozen Snot 14 Mile Trail Race
39 (of 121)Michael Whalen2nd in AG
Shiver by the River 5k 3rd Race
38Jonathan Foley25:59
47Andrea Thrush27:12
57Aaron Kreider28:32
61Lamar Foley28:47
65Mark Mazurkiewicz29:17
78Larry Drogo31:17
85Joanne Patti32:19
120Diane Gilbert38:04
125Helene Horn40:21
128Judy Anttonen42:30
139Tania Salaneck55:39
Shiver by the River 10k 3rd Race
2Mihai Sanchez36:56
5Justin Kratz39:33
13Matt Brophy44:05
14Jeff Fussner44:12
16Raine Fussner44:49
30Jenn Guigley51:15
39Andrea Adam53:17
42Janine Beidler54:15
46Fred Foose55:32
53Ellie Alderfer58:32
55Kristen Rothenberger58:47
56Katie Thomas60:42
59Michelle Foley61:15
60Sandie Kincaid61:17
67Heide Moebius65:55
68Scott Scheidt72:55
71Michael Oetting101:41
Ugly Mudder 10k Trail Race
21Stephanie Kershner49:371st F Overall
29Dale Weist50:361st M 60-67
35Karin Tursack51:571st F 40-49
134Lisa Domeshek1:13:32
143Fred Foose1:17:23
152Barbara Raifsnider1:18:283rd F 60-67
156Joanne Patti1:21:04
162Jason Glass1:21:47
181Scott Scheidt1:34:05
189Michael Oetting3:15:06

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