’21-22 Shiver Wrap-Up

The 32nd Shiver by the River is complete. We had 448 individual runners, with 161 runners completing the series. Results of each race, plus the series results, can be found on pagodapacers.com. Awards which were not picked up at the banquet are at Fleet Feet (formerly A Running Start), 705 Penn Ave, West Reading. These numbers are lower than normal, but who knows what normal is any more. After a season (2020-2021) with 4 individual races, we were happy to return to a series, including the awards banquet.  And we thank every runner and volunteer who joined us!

As always, THANK YOU to all the Pacers who participated either by running, volunteering, or both! We sincerely appreciate all of our volunteers, whether you helped us at one race or every race; everyone was so willing to do whatever was needed to make this series another success! I don’t want to mention specific names for fear of forgetting someone, but volunteers, you know who you are, and runners, you know who they are – you see so many of the same volunteers parking cars, at the water stop, at the same registration table, at the same intersection, or inside the farmhouse supplying soup and pretzels.  And this year we saw some new volunteers!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!  

Thank you to Andrea Thrush who created and hid small rocks along the course, each with a Shiver by the River design.

The awards ceremony was again held at the Temple Fire Company, in Muhlenberg Township. THANK YOU to the following for the donation of door prizes:  

Rose Hagy – a stationary bike stand; hanger for race medals; head lamp; compression socks; air purifying bag for gym bags; bike lock; reflective vest; running belt to carry gels

Joanne Patti – handmade afghan

Ron Horn & Pretzel City Sports – 2 hats; 2 mugs each with a gift certificate

Donna Hey – free entry to Run for the Ages race (check it out on the Pagoda Pacers website)

Michael Oetting – $25 Amazon gift card

Fleet Feet – (120) $10 Gift Certificates

Kris Jacoby – a book of Running Trivia

Tiffany Pantoja – handmade shawl; 2 pair of handmade earrings; 3 handmade bracelets; handmade bracelet w/ matching earrings

Georgine McCool – 4 bags of miscellaneous items

Road-ID – Gift Certificates

THANK YOU to our sponsors:  


Home Light – a real estate broker / referral company

Please contact Sue Jackson at shiverdirector@pagodapacers.com if any door prize donors were missed.

If anyone has any comments, concerns, or questions concerning the series, please feel to contact one of the race directors. We do value your input, and we do read the surveys, making modifications when possible.   Below are some of the survey comments, along with our responses.

Survey:  Separate awards for the 5K/10K, or a separate course for the 10K instead of 2 loops.  

Response: What makes this race unique is that runners can decide, mid-race, whether they are doing a 5K or 10K; hence runners can do the same distance each month or mix it up. Allowing that flexibility means the 10K must be 2 loops of the 5K. It also means awards have to be combined.

Survey: More usable awards, such as glasses, mugs, hats or a snow-related ornament.

Response:  We have done mugs in the past. Maybe it’s time to do something other than the trophies.

Survey:  Bring back the shirt with the hood. Tech shirts instead of cotton. Offer running shorts instead of shirts.

Response:  We have offered tech shirts and of course the shirt with the hood. The Shiver by the River has existed for over 30 years, so we try to mix up the type of shirt. The last 3 years was a similar shirt – since we got a lot of good feedback. Look for something different next year.  

Survey: Don’t want to run the same course each month; either switch it up, or maybe run one course 2 months and another course for another 2 months. Go back to the course on Tuckerton. Run along the river.  

Response: When the Shiver by the River was created 30+ years ago, it was held at Laurel Run Park and did run along the river on River Rd. However, we outgrew that location. We were then offered Jim Dietrich Park. We initially had a course that exited the park, turned right, running on Tuckerton Rd, Whitner Rd. etc. The township became concerned about the traffic on the bridge to the right of the park, and the 4-way stop sign was a treacherous intersection. For a few years, we hired fire police to help with the traffic on the bridge and at the stop sign. But after a few years, for the safety of the runners, we had to change the course. Hence, the course we use today was created. Therefore, our options are somewhat limited.

Once again, thanks for all of the Pacer support, both runners and volunteers!!!!!!!!!   We hope to see all of you next year.
Sue, Georgine & Tiffany

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