Race Results (March 2022)

A note from Race Results Coordinator, Amy Bird:

“I take the handful of submissions that are sent in and also scan through recent race results for members names. I don’t know many people, but I do have a list of past participants who raced last year that I consult, plus the Pacers membership list as time permits.  It’s very busy this time of year, and I know I miss some people, so if you’d like to be included, please email me at raceresults@pagodapacers.com.”

Naked Bavarian 40 Miler
10Stephanie Kershner6:46:401st Female Overall
27Steve Vida7:50:46
37Justin Kershner8:05:13
Naked Bavarian 20 Miler
65Karin Tursack3:21:47
172Fred Foose4:23:10
240Barb Raifsnider5:11:41
Shiver by the River 10k (4th)
2Mihai Sanchez
7Justin Kratz40:29
9Matt Brophy44:19
11Curtis Musser45:04
12Jeff Fussner45:20
14Raine Fussner46:01
26Vicki Menet51:40
32Jonathan Foley53:45
33Andrea Adam54:01
35Katie Thomas54:44
40Lisa Domeshek58:32
43Michelle Foley1:00:16
45Ellie Alderfer1:00:49
54Tania Salaneck1:15:23
Shiver by the River 5k (4th)
46Janine Beidler26:37
52Andrea Thrush26:56
63Kristen Rothenberger28:03
75Mark Mazurkiewicz29:15
92Aaron Kreider30:37
110Joanne Patti32:27
114Heide Moebius33:23
141Scott Scheidt37:06
44Joanne Patti31:13
Hat Run 50k
23Anna Piskorska5:35:191st F Master
39Kyle Gery5:53:29
41Steve Maguire5:54:01
50Kelly Ammon5:59:213rd F 30-39
52Karin Tursack5:59:361st F 40-49
58Jess Gockley6:01:492nd F 40-49
71Steve Vida6:11:38
90Karen Rule6:23:36
110Joanne VanHorn6:35:443rd F 50-59
127Joan Bunn6:50:45
128Elaine Cook6:51:03
Garden Spot 10k
92Heide Moebius1:06:561st F 80+
Garden Spot 13.1
200Sandie Kincaid2:00:05
Frozen Knight 5k
2Justin Kratz20:002nd M Overall
20Elaine Cook24:371st F 55-59
34Mark Mazurkiewicz29:341st M 50-54
49Joanne Patti31:521st F 60-64
80Judy Antonnen43:392nd F 75+
Granogue Games 7 hr Trail Run (Fat Ass)
26MLori Johnson5:53:141st F Masters 50s
26MAndy Keegan5:53:14
20MKarla Reppert5:15:31
18MDean Johnson4:47:14
11.6MRuth Machamer2:29:11
Half Wit (10.8 mi due to course miscalculation)
12Stephanie Kershner1:40:261st Female
16Matthew Brophy1:43:03
21Dale Wiest1:45:261st M 60-67
27Justin Kershner1:47:51
34Ruth Machamer1:15:101st F 40-49
61Jenn Guigley2:10:125th F 30-39
100Lisa Domeshek2:30:33
117Paul Makurath2:57:05
Quarter Wit (5.4 mi)
27Tory Clugston1:11:581st F Clyde
35Barb Raifsnider1:20:042nd F 60-67
39Andre Marjanowski1:21:531st M 60-67
42Jim Demsko1:23:593rd M Clyde
49Scott Scheidt1:29:593rd M 60-67

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