“Run for the Ages” — COOL SWAG ALERT!

Run For the Ages 10K Trail Chase

Sunday, June 26, 2022

Held in beautiful NOLDE FOREST!

Rolling, age-graded start begins at 8:30 am

Cool Swag Alert!

Come out for the only trail race with an age-graded start (that we know of) on the East Coast. Top age-group performers have a legitimate shot at the overall title. Even if you aren’t out to win, the race is run on challenging, yet very runnable trails, in beautiful Nolde Forest; it also has great schwag and virtually no bottle necks. Challenge your families and coworkers to come out and compete on a “level” playing field.

Hey ringers: Here’s a chance to show off a little by passing the whole pack!

This year’s swag is a cool travel picnic blanket. It’s guaranteed to the first 100 registered; after that, availability will be based on inventory left for re-orders. Get registered to guarantee yours!

Click here for print registration

Click Here for online registration

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