Minutes from the General Meeting (July 2022)

General Meeting Minutes

Date: July 14, 2022

Time: 7 p.m.

Location: Rustic Park, Birdsboro

Treasury Report – Shaun Luther – The account balance is 180% of target. There is money coming in from Run for the Ages, and outgoing is money paid for the scholarships, and then one more bill for Charlie Horses. Expenses are starting for Blues Cruise.


  • Run for the Ages 10K Trail Run (completed for 2022) – Donna Hey – Of 181 registered, there were 161 finishers. Profit of over $2500. Donations were $177. Donna is requesting a donation of $2000 to Nolde Forest from the profit and donations. A motion was made to give $2000 to Nolde, it was seconded, and passed. This year’s event was covered by Channel 69 New – no one is quite sure how they found out about it, but there was a lot of premarket notifications, according to Donna. For 2023, Donna is looking at the last Sunday of June again.
  • Grings Mill 5K and 10K (Sunday, August 7, 2022) – Jason Karpinski – registrations are coming in. The last minute planning is ongoing.
  • Blues Cruise 50K (Sunday, October 1, 2022) – Dan Govern – At 139 entries, registration is not as high as it has been in the past. This is a trend that he is noting among other long-distance runs. Medals are ordered. Swag is simple this year – a quarter zip jacket. He has a lot of items left over from last year. The donations to Blue Marsh that he has in escrow will be used to fix a portion of the Ski Loop, to be completed by September, hopefully. UberEndurenceSports is going to pick up a portion of the cost of this, as well.

Committee Reports

Social Committee:

  • Report from the Pacer pool party – about 30 people participated, and was great event
  • Yoga event – August 6, 2022, has Facebook page, “Pacer Outdoor Yoga.” The yoga should be doable for all levels. 
  • Wine and cheese social – Not scheduled, so far. Michelle is trying to organize something.

Community Service

  • Race mates –Dale Weiss – upcoming events, Jingle in July, (July 30) at Grings Mill; the Pacer Grings Mill run (August 7); and Bradley Mayer Memorial 5K (August 13) at the Quarry Soccer Field. The chariot pushers try to go on a 9 ½ minute pace. IM Able is doing a duathalon, and would like to partner runners up with the adaptive bicyclists. (That is, the volunteer runner would run, then tag out to the cyclist, then go back in for the run.) Please see their web site for more details.

New business

  • Holiday morning runs that are usually held at Nolde Forest – there was a request to switch these to a few different, alternate locations. No opposition to this, so look for some locations besides Nolde for these running events. 
  • Shaun Luther suggested a ‘weekend’ (held on a Saturday or Sunday) longer distance run committee that would plan a long and short run for an occasional 2-hour-ish run. Shaun is willing to form a 4 or 5 member committee. More to follow.
  • From Liz Glass. BAMBA has put a memorial bench for Jeff George in the Phase 3 loop of Blue Marsh —it will soon have a plaque. There will be a memorial ride and scholarship fund on Saturday, November 20, the anniversary of Jeff’s passing.

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