Race Results (July 2022)

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Hershey Love Inc of Greater Hershey 5k

Dianne Showers32:353rd F 60-69
Joanne Patti33:25

Ephrata Firecracker 5 miler

Dee Koutsourais31:281st Female Overall
Jess Gockley48:27
Heidi Moebius51:192nd F 70+

Port Carbon Firecracker 5k

Bruce Cronrath40:44

Quadzilla 15k Trail Run

Justin Langston1:28:47

July Third Thirsty Thursday

Samuel Dever18:591ST M19-29
James Blandford19:301ST M50-59
Brock Kline19:341ST M40-49
Karin Tursack21:041ST F40-49
Steven Holgate27:273RD M CLYDE
Andrea Adam27:33
Blair Hogg27:434TH M60-67
Jason Glass28:214TH M CLYDE
Sorita Averill28:411ST F60-67
Mark Mazurkiewicz30:14
Julia Hager32:153RD F50-59
Larry Drogo34:043RD M68-74
Joanne Patti35:132ND F60-67
Barbara Raifsnider36:553RD F60-67
Diane Gilbert40:40
Rick Showers41:58
Dianne Showers43:08
Bruce Cronrath43:263RD M75+
Michael Oetting45:00
Judy Anttonen47:341ST F75+

Lebanon Area Fair 5k

Joanne Patti34:421st F 60-69
Rick Showers39:11
Judy Anttonen45:011st F 80 Plus

Lancaster FMTC Night of Miles

Sam Dever05:11
Heide Moebius09:40

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