Final Shiver on Sunday, March 12

Thank you to the 146 5k runners, 68 10k runners, and the many volunteers who helped us have another successful Shiver by the River on February 12th. Congratulations to the top M/F 5k runners–Aiden Konetsky (17:28) and Kahlin Giresh (19:36); and the top 10k M/F runners–Mihai Sanchez (35:49) and Mikaela Smith (40:47).  Thank you to ALL runners and volunteers who continue to support us!!!!!!

New for February, we had someone “sweep” – our esteemed President Michelle. We hope to continue this each race, so volunteers can continue to direct and cheer on the runners, without wondering if the last runner has passed.    

Shiver #4 will be held March 12th.   Take note – this is the beginning of Daylight Saving Time! Get to bed early the night before!  

As always, we need more volunteers for this race. Specifically, we need 3 or 4 people willing to take results off of the board, so that the race directors can calculate results as soon as possible.  We also need the usual help with parking, registration, on the road, at the finish line, clean up, water stop, and within the house serving soup. Anyone helping with registration should arrive at Jim Dietrich Park between 8:15 & 8:30; anyone helping during the race, should arrive by 9:30; either way, look for one of the race directors and we can find something for you to do.  However, for as much as we need volunteers, we would really like to see more Pacers RUN the race!!!!   

The awards ceremony will be held immediately after the 4th race, at the Temple Fire Company, 4963 Kutztown Rd, which is about 3 miles from Jim Dietrich Park. This is the same location as the last couple of years. We are looking for more door prizes. If anyone can donate personally, or secure a door prize, please bring it to the 4th race or the March Pacer meeting. Donations can be given directly to any of the race directors or dropped off at the front table where we are selling old swag, etc. To be eligible to win a door prize, simply complete the survey at the awards banquet. A cold buffet, including a hot vegetarian item, will be served starting around 11:00, followed by door prizes and then the awards. Due to the costs associated with the party, we will follow the guidelines we established a few years ago.   

The party is FREE to everyone who has either:

  1. Finished 3 or more races in this year’s series – please bring your race number from the 4th race to the party; it will be your ticket for free entry.  We will place an additional label on the back of your number which will indicate your eligibility.  
  2. Assisted with any of the races.
  3. Paid for the series.  

We will be charging all others (including Pacers who do not fall into one of the above categories) a $13 fee to help cover some of our costs.

Remember, to help us maintain accurate results, DO NOT COMPLETE ANOTHER REGISTRATION FORM if you already ran this year. If you paid for the series, registration is in the front room of the house.  If you are paying race by race, we have a number for you at the “single race registration” table in the 2nd room.  If you have not previously registered for the 2022-2023 series, registration is at a different table, also in the 2nd room.  

Thanks for all the support we have received! We hope to see many of you at the Shiver, either running or volunteering!!!!!

Sue, Georgine & Tiffany

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