Race Results (March 2023)

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Naked Bavarian 40 Mile Trail Race

7:04:26Tod Slabik1st M 50-59
7:47:08Andy Styer2nd M 50-59
8:10:00Shane Shin

Naked Bavarian 20 Mile Trail Race

3:06:48Kelly Ammon
3:20:08Dale Wiest2nd M 60-69
3:51:09Emily Trudel
4:31:31Lisa Domeshek
4:38:16Blair Hogg
4:57:18Kristin Rothenberger

Hat 50k

5:47:39Andy Styer
5:51:46.5Dale Wiest2nd M 60-69
6:07:12.3Curtis Musser

Shiver by the River 5k (Last Race)

20:33Curt Minich
24:37Carl Kerchner
26:36Janine Beidler
29:26Aaron Kreider
30:04Shawn Weller
30:15Joanne Beard
31:00Larry Drogo
33:14Yuriko Beaman
33:25Joann Patti
34:08Blair Beard
36:22Diane Gilbert
36:36Michelle Henry
37:25Beth Consugar
39:44Rick Showers
40:29Bruce Cronrath
42:07Rose Hagy
55:49Tracy Vida
55:55Steven Vida

Shiver by the River 10k (Last Race)

35:37Mihai Sanchez
43:55Matt Brophy
45:38Nicholas DiMascio
46:01Ray Ingaglio
57:05Tania Salaneck
58:47Kristen Rothenberger
1:01:56Ellie Alderfer
1:05:08Andrea Thrush
1:06:28Amy Bird
1:13:03Scott Scheidt
1:26:51Michael Oetting

Shiver by the River Winter Series Results

4Mihai Sancheztie 1st Overall Male
10Gabe Batdorf2nd in age group
41Curt Minich3rd in age group
43Matthew Brophy2nd in age group
63Nicholas DiMascio1st in age group
76Carl Kerchnertie 2nd in age group
121Jeffrey Golden
130Kristen RothenbergerOverall Female Master Clyde
133Janine Beidler1st in age group
147Tony Agentowicz
166Ellie Alderfer2nd in age group
181Tania Salaneck2nd in age group
184Scott Scheidt
193Michael Oetting
195Andrea Thrush
208Joanne Beard3rd in age group
210Aaron Kreider3rd in age group
216Shawn Weller
219Larry Drogo
271Yuriko Beaman3rd in age group
275Joann Patti
368Diane Gilbert
374Beth Consugar
388Bruce CronrathOldest Male
427Michelle Henry
452Rick Showers


21:24Brian Stoltzfus1st M 60+
38:21Diane Gilbert
42:21Rick Showers

Garden Spot 10k

1:28:15Rose Hagy1st F 75-79

Garden Spot Half Marathon

1:30:29Kaitlin Gresh2nd Female Overall
2:17:37Michelle Foley

Half Wit Half Marathon Trail

2:34:14Emily Trudel3rd F 0-39
3:02:15Lisa Domeshek5th F 0-39
3:19:54Shawn Weller

Quarter Wit Quarter Marathon Trail

53:58Mihai Sanchez1st M 0-39
59:44Chris Fisher2nd M 40-49
1:17:53Kevin Monaghan2nd M 60-69
2:58:19Evette Vega

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