Minutes from December’s Special Meeting

General Meeting Minutes; special focus

Date: December 10, 2020

Time: 7 p.m.

Location: Zoom virtual

Lamar Foley: Oley Valley Organics interested in advertising to and offering some specials to the Pacers. Polly will reach out

This evening’s meeting was called in response to the updated restrictions announced by Governor Wolf, due to the worsening COVID epidemic. The focus of the meeting was the two races effected by this—the Shiver by the River and the Kris Kringle run.

Report from Mike Whalen, RN: Mike consults for the Commonwealth as a subject matter expert in emergency management and infectious diseases. He has been working throughout the pandemic. In his capacity as a SME, he reports that in the last 4 to 6 weeks, the situation in the Commonwealth has worsened, with the increase spread of COVID, worse than in the Spring. Hospitals are running at 100% capacity. 


  • Kris Kringle (modified for 2020): Polly Corvaia—she is leaning at this point to go with a virtual race. Done and times reported on the honor system, no awards (can be kept for next year). Polly would mail out the hoodies and swag or have a pick up place and time. Based on advice from Ron Horn, she could expect a 50% participation rate. Refunds have to be by check and sent in the mail. The club has about $4000 invested in the race in total. It’s likely that we could break even by holding a virtual race. Polly would like to decide by this weekend, and she will do an e-blast. Would also like to have the virtual runs completed by the scheduled race day, December 27, so that she can post the results.
  • Shiver by the River 5K and 10K: Sue Jackson—the Shiver will be canceled for this Sunday, December 13. As of this evening—the restrictions are in place until January 4th. The next Shiver race is scheduled for January 10th.  The disposition of the canceled December race will be determined by the race directors—whether it will be rescheduled for April or canceled all together will be announced later. Sue is not considering a refund at this point. The January race will be dependent on the lifting of restrictions on or about January 4th.

The Pagoda Pacer Discussion Board on Facebook will be the place to get the most up-to-date information.

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