‘Twas Two Weeks before Race Day

by Polly Corvaia

‘Twas two weeks before race day, 
And what do you know?
Outdoor events were all cancelled! 
What a tough blow!

We scurried and scrambled,
WTF do we do now? 
Keep the Kris Kringle running,
And go virtual somehow.

Away to the computer, we flew like a flash.
A membership Zoom meeting was held in a dash. 
We changed the tradition, a virtual race did find.
Would anyone run it, would they be so inclined?

Run your fastest 5K, and send us your time.
We record the results and post them online.
We’ll send out the hoodies, and give out the swag.
We’re happy to report, a great response we did have.

Now runners! Now pacers! Now Gnomes and Volunteers!
Go faster! Go slower! Go have yourself some cheer!
To the top of the hill, and as far as you can run,
A pandemic won’t stop us; we’ve got to have fun.

The Virtual Kris Kringle was a surprising success 
Thanks to the faithful runners; it is you who are blessed.
There are a few tiny details, we still need to sort.
Stay tuned until next month, for the final report.

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